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Gay activities year 2017 in review

Gay activities year 2017 in review

The boys I covet are either straight or if gay, not in saunas or online because they don’t have to; they get offers for free sex or get offered money for sex!

Places or activities to find gay sex, paid or free:

Handing out name cards to boys:
I tried this before and found chances are low:
but then the effort is even lower, so keep on trying. 
Gang Khmer in Farose II, calls and we meet where he lives, with prospects of him coming to my room next time. But then I’m go to Germany, and when I come back SIM expired.
Ek Farose II no call. Wae bus fare collector no call.

Public toilets and porn cinemas
Ruled those out years ago, and now only check when I’m at the right place and time and have time to spare.

Gay discos
I gave up on gay discos years ago, but now a Farang friend goes often and invites me, so I join occasionally. Thus, I have a table to put my glass (whereas when I go alone, I don’t have table, so I walk around and feel like a displaced person). Gay discos hold promise.

Update at time of posting:
Drinking a bit of alcohol in a disco increases number of contacts and makes me not feel bored and tired as I am when sober.

Gay massage
Success rate is low, only one out of five boys I meet is worth a repeat, and in the end the effort in time and money to find that boy is too much. And the one in 2017 who is worth the time and money, works in Yangon!

Gay saunas
Jan 11 sauna visits, 2 sex
Feb 7 sauna visits, 0 sex
(Germany 3 weeks.)
Mar 12 sauna visits, 2 sex
Apr 10 sauna visits, 2 sex
May 16 sauna visits, 0 sex
A row of 20 sauna visits stretching over 3 months without sex!
Jun 14 sauna visits, 3 sex
Jul 4 sauna visits, 0 sex
Aug 5 sauna visits, 2 sex
Sep 5 sauna visits, 3 sex
Oct 9 sauna visits, 3 sex
(Above is Oct and Nov combined as I spent most of Oct in Germany.)
Dec 5 sauna visits, 1 sex
Sum 98 sauna visits, 18 sex
Similar as in 2016, about 1 encounter in 5 sauna visits. However this includes anonymous blowjobs in steam room. And while I would like to get the boys I met in the sauna to come to my room, this usually fails for space/time restrictions.

Overall, time and money spent cannot justify the results.

Online dating
Usually fails for the simple reason that the boy lives with others, so we cannot have sex in his room, and he has no money and/or doesn’t know the way to my room, so he cannot come to my room. I stubbornly refused to pick up boys at their place, to go back to my place for sex. But this behavior is irrational: when I go to a sauna I spend a similar amount of time and money, with little chance to meet someone

For 2018:Instead of going to sauna, rather go to see boys by taxi (bus would be too slow, I should be at the boy’s place within 30 min of agreeing so see each other).

I lost contact with several boys. One encounter in my room was positive, I want more, but my multiple messages on Line not read. Profile picture in Line changes occasionally, which means he is still online, but probably blocked me. And I don’t know what he doesn’t like on me or my room!

Update at time of posting:
Gay groups on facebook in Thai language look promising.

Free and paid sex
Jan 5 free, 7 paid = 5,200
Feb 3 paid = 1,440
(Spend most of Feb in Germany.)
Mar 6 free, 4 paid = 2,410
Apr 5 free, 3 paid = 2,500
May 5 free, 7 paid = 6,160
Jun 4 free, 5 paid = 4,290
Jul 6 free, 7 paid = 5,000
Aug 4 free, 3 paid = 2,910
Sep 5 free, 6 paid = 5,170
Oct 6 free, 6 paid = 5,500
(Above is Oct and Nov combined as I most of Oct in Germany.)
Dec 2 free, 6 paid = 4,900
Sum 48 free, 47 paid = 45,480 THB.
And that’s just direct payments to the boys, not including travel expenses, drinks, off fees, and money stolen.

98 sauna visits, 95 times intercourse in 2017, both barely missed the number 100!

At least I have as much free as paid sex. But my statistics are twigged by including anonymous blow job in dark or steam room or pity sex in free sex (where I have sex of pity for the boy, as a reward for finding the way to my room, instead of telling him he is too old/fat/ugly for me).

Boyfriend candidates 2017 
Will be posted separately.

Bangkok Gogo bars
Years ago (I think we can pin it on the non-offable Vietnamese boy in Scorpion bar in 2013, I became disenchanted with Soi Twilight (deception, overpricing). From memory, in 2017 I went only a few times, when friends were in town and invited me, and didn’t off a boy.

Pattaya Gogo bars
The only thing that saved the year is Pattaya! Even the few nights I didn’t off someone, I felt well entertained and receiving good value for money.

I will increase my frequency of visits (5 in 2015, 6 in 2016, 6 in 2017) to one or two per month in 2018. But be careful not to overdo it!

And for how long can Pattaya console me over the fact that I can’t get my hands on a decent Thai boy (if there are any).

Resolutions for 2018: Less sauna, instead more going to pick up boys from online dating; more Pattaya; more alcohol; more facebook. (Normal people's New Year resolutions would be less alcohol, less facebook; but I never claimed to be normal.)

See here for gay activities year 2016 in review:

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Friday, 9 March 2018

My favorite hotels in Thailand

My favorite hotels in Thailand
(Original title “Hotels to fall in love with” is a bit far fetched)

Over the last five years, ChristianPFC has spent about 200 nights in about 100 hotels in 50 provinces. Prices ranging from 200 to 900 THB per night, mostly in the 300-500 THB range.

My requirements are simple:
Aircon, fridge with cold water, hot water in shower, and a towel – how more luxurious can it get?

Sink in bathroom best in a table, so I have enough space to put my toiletries. But at a level that I can still pee into the sink. I wrote about peeing in sinks before:

Left: Baan Dok Mai bathroom. Where am I going to put my toiletries? Not hat I have that much, but I would like one flat even surface. Here every surface is convex, and if something slips down, it might land in the toilet bowl!
Right: Marina Inn bathroom. Plenty of space for my toiletries, and can easily pee into sink.
Not in picture: A bathroom elsewhere where the sink is in a table, but I have to get on my toetips and bend forward 45 degrees to pee in the sink.

Hot water in shower best by electrical water heater right above or beside the shower. In those hotels with central water heater, I waste a lot of water and time figuring out where hot water is, and waiting for it to arrive. Please no shower in bathtub or shower curtains.

Odorous stone tiles. I love the smell of stone tiles, like in Ting Tong Red Pattaya (Sunee Plaza, former Gurke Guesthouse) or in Luxury Hotel Kanchanaburi. One of the great mysteries of our world, where does the smell come from? Applies to construction sites as well.

Proximity to bus or railway station is important, as that is usually how I arrive at a place and leave a place, and a 7-Eleven and restaurants should be nearby.

Limescale on shower heads or toilet hose.

Electricity. Many hotels have a tag on the key that is used to switch on and off the electricity by putting it in a slit or hole. Thus, guests cannot leave the aircon running while out of the room.

Most places have a time switch to give you some seconds after taking out the tag, but elsewhere there is no time switch and you are alone in the dark.

Chitanan Mansion Kanchanaburi has all power plugs on time switch, even TV and fridge, which means you cannot leave batteries for charging while out of the room.

A power plug near the bed is desirable, I can lie in bed, charge my phone and use it at the same time. Some places have power plug so high on the wall that I have to leave my phone dangling from the cable.

Chitanan Mansion Kanchanaburi
(500 THB 29dec2017)

With such a wonderful atrium they can be excused for switching all power plugs (fridge and TV as well) with the key tag and having the shower in bathtub and being 1.2 km from bus station (E of bus station, and when I came by van we passed there anyway and I asked to get out at the hotel).

Lertnimitra Hotel in Chayaphum
(300 THB 16mar2015, then after renovation increased to 650 THB 9jul2017). Reported here:

Paradorn Hotel in Phrae
(300 THB including breakfast! The breakfast is basic: toast and jam, bananas, rice soup. 26mar2017, 1oct2017, 4feb2018) And in their backyard is the Seri Thai museum.

Khon Kaen

Jansome Chiang Rai

Me Hug Phayao
Opposite bus station, 400 THB per night (, 5-7feb2018).
One of the few places that have single bed rooms. And the room is indeed too small for a double bed. But nicely decorated and just right for me when I’m alone.

Shower gel and shampoo provided, that's awesome! 

Counterexample from Germany
In Europe, I don't stay in hotels or eat in restaurants for reasons of price. But when out with my parents, they pay for everything, so I get around a bit. One place we stayed in had a bottle of water with a note "Geniessen Sie dieses Getraenk fuer 4 Euro" My translation: "Enjoy this drink for 4 Euro" Enjoy? 4 Euro for 250 (?) ml of water? Are you talking out of your arse? I rather die of dehydration!

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Saturday, 3 March 2018

Gay Activities Jan 2018

Gay activities Jan 2018

Details about Soi Twilight drink prices, Pattaya gogo bars, Hua Hin gay scene.

Chat with Tete and invite him for tomorrow. We first met in Seed two years ago, and last year I offed him from Cupidol. But when we chat again the following day, he is already on his way to Pattaya. This retard! At the time of messaging him he was my number 1 in Bangkok, next week he will be number 3 in Pattaya! (Update: we did not meet, and my judgement of retard is general for all his behavior.) 

Nake sauna nothing to report.

Massage with Bank at Magic Hands. We have known for years, great massage and afters, but not so much my type. But last time 1 hour oil was better than expected, so this time go for 90 minutes oil massage for 600 THB. But this time cold skin, and I just don’t get in the mood, nonetheless 1000 THB well deserved for good massage and trying.

Towards the end, Bank was checking time repeatedly. They seem to watch the time there. Stupid! The most valuable thing a massage parlor has is a satisfied customer. The rooms are free, the boys have time, if a customer is busy a bit longer than scheduled, so be it, as long as he comes back!

Tour Silom with a Farang friend.

Prices in Soi Twilight: Hotmale 450 THB, Dream Boys 550 (!!!), Classic 380, X-Boys 350, Fresh Boys 400.

Screwboys 20:50 about 5 boys on stage. Drink price 300 and show at 11. Not worth going in. But see report of bar packed for show a day later: 

Nature Boy 21:00. One Boy (ex Super A, from Hat Yai if I remember correctly) in underwear.

Super A 21:10. Five boys in underwear and sleeveless shirts.

Sat 6jan2018
When I passed Ratchaburi some weeks ago, a boy Nicky chatted me up on hornet and kept in contact. A bordercase judging by the pictures, and at 31 (?) much older than my preference, but when he offers to come to see me in Bangkok and stay over night, I cannot say no, simply because it’s amazing that someone would come from Ratchaburi (the furthest a boy has ever travelled to meet me) without asking for money for transport (when I chat with boys in Bangkok, it’s usually: “I don’t know the way. I don’t have money. Can you come and pick me up?”) We meet at Silom Complex, and first impression is “not so much my type”. Walk home from there (over 30 minutes, to give him time to consider his plan to stay over night), dinner, chat, then to bed (I in pajama, he fully dressed). If he started indecent activities, I would play along, but he doesn’t.

Next morning when he showers I get a view of him naked, nice body, but too pale for my taste. No character flaws, but he is just not my type, it’s a pity!

Mon 8jan2018
Classic Boys 21:35-23:25, negotiate price down to 300 per person in a group of five. We are the first customers (and stay only customers for half an hour). Up to 12 boys on stage, gogo in white individual underwear and white closed shoes, coyote in colored underwear and shoes (but apart from that, not visible difference). Some of the boys were cute, just wrong place and time (tomorrow in Pattaya I would consider them).

Begin of show announced 22:35, but it takes until 22:40 for the show to begin (i.e. 5 minutes wasted for customers looking at an empty stage, inacceptable). During the show, bar fills up with up to 30 customers estimated. Three cigarettes were smoked, and I could smell them from far away. The show was ok, different from last year, with some nudity and erections. Show ends 23:15. I was getting cold (aircon and fan).

Overall, not much to gain, and even as an invitation I have to consider if I have better things to do.

Tue-Thu 9-11jan2018 Pattaya separately: 

Fri 12jan2018
Babylon Sauna 18:37-20:24, entry 260 THB. Busy, but mostly Whites. In total 4 bordercases and one cute staff. In some of the showers you have to keep pushing the button, else the water will stop. Only cold water. The porn that is played has a connection problem, there are color bars and other disturbances. Inacceptable for a place of that reputation and that entry fee.

The new naked zone (with the artificial whale skeleton under the ceiling) was busy, the new disco zone (accessible by going down from first floor to ground floor, no direct access from ground floor) was largely left to the three coyote boys, none of them worth a second look.

Babylon is in walking distance to my room, but nonetheless one visit per year is enough.

App Arena 00:02-02:51. Some other farang. Coyote hunky, show 01:15-30, vampire, blood and mask theme. Afterwards laser show and customers dance on stage. Soft closing 02:47.

A cute boy from Lao chatted me up in the disco and we exchanged Line. Good English, he is here for holiday. When he leaves with his group of friends, follow him outside and ask where he will go next: “I’m money boy.” No thanks. This can be generalized: whoever was wherever for holiday turned out to be a money boy. Total 23:13-03:02 out of my room, 4 h 49 min, longer than it takes to Pattaya door-to-door by public transport.

Sat 13jan2018
Farose II 22:22-23:52, entry 200 THB (with show). Cool weather might be reason for low number of customers? Quick walk from rooftop to garden, omitting dark rooms, counting occupied private rooms as 2, gives 56 customers. Later picks up a bit, in total a few bordercases. Move on to

Nake 00:36-59, entry 160. About 20 customers, none my type.

Spent total about 4 hours and 580 THB in entry and transport, and nothing to show! Could have spent the time and money to get to Pattaya and take a hotel room.

Sun 14jan2018
Meet a boy Pon (exchanged facebook months ago while waiting for rain to stop) near his place and take him and a friend to Central Rama III. Confirm what I thought: totally straight and has a girlfriend. And I don’t find an occasion to proposition him. But at least tell him and his friend about upcoming trip to Pattaya, and show them videos of gogo boys on youtube, so they know what I’m up to.

Tue 16jan2018
M for Yasothorn for 500. Third time we meet. Good English and slim body, but pale skin. I wonder why he goes for so little with me, he could surely command 1000 in this area and with such good English. Or he knows that he is a bordercase for me and I wouldn't pay 1000 for him, and 1x500 THB is better than 0x1000 THB?

Wed 17jan2018
 Tourism festival in Lumpini park in the afternoon/evening, and no plans for the night. Top Sirirat the German speaking boy calls and wants to meet. Comes to Lumpini park and we meet without delay or confusion, a good start (could have easily taken half an hour of erring around and a dozen calls). I invite him for dinner, and he suggests walking around Sanam Luang later at night, an idea that has merit. But first we take taxi to a friend’s place in Dao Khanong. The friend is quite cute, but Top tells me not to tell anyone where and how we met (Saran Rom in 2014 ?). 

Similar fuck-up as with my friend in Sri Saket, when I went to see him in his village in 2015 ? I was hoping he could organize some boys for gay fun, only to learn that he is not out to his family. 

Two girls join, and after almost 2 hours, around 23, I realize this is not going anywhere and it’s time leave. My translation from German:
CPFC “I’m tired and want to go to bed. I’m going home now.”

Top “And what about me? I don’t have money for taxi to go home and for food tomorrow!”
CPFC “How much do you need?”
Top “350 THB.”
CPFC “You still live in Sirirat?”
Top “Yes.”
Check distance on google maps, 8 km.
CPFC “That’s 8 km, about 80 THB by taxi. Where or what do you eat? I eat (list of common streetfood with prices).”
Top “In Siam Paragon.”
CPFC “There is a foodcourt in Big C Ratchadamri, why don’t you go there?”
Top “I work driver and bodyguard for my boss, I cannot be away further than 500 m from her.”
Cut the bullshit, give him 200 THB. Mocy ride to main road, hug and goodbye. 

Fri19jan2018 Pattaya
Trips to Pattaya will become more frequent, at least once per month, not worth a separate report any more.

Eros 21:12-21, orange juice 100 THB. There was supposed to be a beach party, but it is business as usual. Too dark, none of the boys my type.

Nice Boys 21:26-22:15, orange juice 150 THB. 13 Boys and 1 customer (but several more during my stay) when I enter. I would take #1, #6, #15, #18 for free.

Winner Boys 22:18-38, pineapple juice 79 THB. 23 Boys and 7 customers. One boy (#28 Top from Khon Kaen) asks to sit with me, and as he is worth further investigation I let him (drink 130 THB, tip 100). A border case, and ticklish which does not work at all for me as I want to run my hands and lips everywhere over the chosen boy’s body.

Power Boys 22:43-23:02, hot tea 150 THB. 9 Boys and 3 customers. The only cute #3 is sitting with customer already.

Kawaii 23:15-23:45, orange juice 180. Time to take someone home. #11 and #28 are contestants, at the end I invite #11 (Chat from Surin). Drink for boy 200, off fee 400. Back to my room where we spend a pleasant time (00:00-44), 1000 tip well deserved. He even asked if I want him to stay over night, but I have other plans.

Beach Road 01:15 one available boy.

Sinlapin ESan 01:38-04:54 (still going when I leave). No more smoking (else I would have left early). Already reported here: 

On a recent Pattaya visit Fr19jan2018 I went again (despite two poor previous visits), and this time it was later (from 1 am on, I didn't feel tired), and there was no smoking inside, and I had quite a good time (a bit of alcohol was involved, I have never been tipsy that early in a year, where will that end?), almost hooked up. Left around 4 am when it was still busy.

There was one Farang and three boys on the neighbor table. All gay, and the one I liked (which might have been mutual) works in a beer bar in Jomtien. He (the cute boy) asked for my phone number and we exchanged Line. But at the end of their stay (around 3 am), the Farang said to the one boy: you go home, then to the other boy: you go home, then to me: you go home, and to the cute boy: we go home. Unless they had planned a foursome from the beginning, there was a 2/3 chance that the cute boy would be free (in the sense of: not occupied, no commitments) at the end of their night, but he wasn't. 

Two available boys in front of Malaysia (most of the time nobody), one even brown slim and dressed in a style I like.

I had great sex with the mercurial boy Top Sakaew on Thu30nov2017, worth a repeat! The boy is at best bisexual, currently girlfriend and baby on facebook, but somehow crazy for cock, my cock! The only problem is that we only meet when he is in Bangkok, has free time but no money, is horny, and finds a way to contact me (loses phone and changes phone number often).

But he hasn’t been on facebook since begin of December. Call the three phone number I have:
Top 29mar2016 0962897xxx It is not possible to reach…
Top jan2016 0995279xxx It is not possible to reach…
Top jul2016 monk 0615026xxx The number you dialed does not exist…

But in 2016 we had a look at google streetview, and he showed me his room in Ayutthaya at that time, and I made a screenshot and took a note:

On a trip to Ayutthaya today, go to that place and ask people there. They seem to vaguely remember him, but don't know where he is now or how to contact him, and someone else is living in that room now. 

Update Feb 2018: Other locations I have of him are his home district and a temple where he ordained, but both too far away. And when in Bangkok, he used to stay in Sukhumvit Soi 62. That soi is about 500 m long, nonetheless in my desperation I had planned to print a picture of him (better than showing picture on mobile phone) and ask people there.

But then I have an eureka: ask his facebook friends! And indeed, his girlfriend (and mother of his baby daughter) replies: he is currently in prison for drugs (which does not come as a surprise to me, there were hints before), and will probably be out in April. Unfortunately not in Bangkok, else I would try to go to visit him in prison.

Pathetic, ChristianPFC running after a low class drug addict or peddler, but he is great in bed! 

Wed24jan2018 Lang Suan
When passing Lang Suan in Dec2017, I chatted with a cute boy on hornet. Good English, no hint of money problems. Now is an occasion to meet him. Quite an effort in time and money (572 THB for overnight train, not even sleeper, only reclining seats; then 1500 to rent car and driver to spend the day sightseeing), but finally meet the boy in the evening. Everything fine, but I wouldn’t make the same effort to see him again.

Then at night shortly before going to sleep, a hit on hornet. Nearby and quickly comes to my room. Boy from 7-Eleven still in uniform. His plan was to go to market together by his mocy, but rain prevented this. After some chat we go to bed to sleep, I in underwear, he fully clothed. But not long after, he rolls over to my side, takes off his clothes and wild sex commences. At one time we were so intertwined that I got love bites on my upper arm. This one is worth going to Lang Suan again, just have to fill the day somehow!

Thu25jan2018-Sat27jan2018 Hua Hin
Two contacts on hornet in Hua Hin. One did read my messages, but did not reply; and the other was busy. Time to explore the Hua Hin commercial gay scene (previous visit was Oct2015 again. 

Buddy Boy Bar (Soi 80 corner to railway station) has closed for good already two years ago (info from people working across the road). 

Red Indian 21:01 manager has just arrived and doesn’t know if/when boys will come. 

New Guy Bar 21:08-35, orange juice 70 THB. Ask staff: no more songtheos at that time. I don't want to support the songtheo mafia, walk home. Then 22:05 near bridge a green songtheo with passengers passes. 

Update good report about Hua Hin:

A boy I have known for years Pong Khon Kaen was out of Bangkok for long time, but now is in Rangsit. I have other business there, so we meet in Future Rangsit and he is still my type (on pictures on facebook, he seemed to have gained some weight). All kind of bullshit (he came with an older man who was supposed to collect and advance payment that would be used to urgently pay his outstanding hotel bill, and while driving to my room a request to send and advance online, both I rejected), but in my room everything fine. Worth a repeat some day. (General remark: I have to leave some weeks between meeting the boy again, else it would become boring. However the boy usually eagerly wants to meet again soon, but when I’m ready weeks later, he is elsewhere or there are communication problems. Life sucks!) 

Chatted on hornet with a boy Ton in Pracha Uthit and go to see him. He has only 5% battery left on his phone (if he had run out of battery, that would have been a no-show, a lot of time and money wasted). My type, and he doesn’t waste much time with talking either. Your room, my room or short time hotel? He stays with family, my room is too far, so it is short time hotel. Considering taxi to short time hotel and fee for room, we could as well have gone to my room. Then both of us naked in bed “Can I have money for sweets?” My translation from Thai ค่าขนม kâa kà-nŏm, a way to ask for money. That’s a clear „no“ from me. We continue sexual activities, and there is another thinly veiled request for money, again a clear “no” from me, and we continue activities. At the end, all fine in bed.

It’s a question of attitude, no more dithering about unexpected money requests, rather a clear "no" as reply.

A money boy has to say so before me meet, not when we meet or are already in bed. And here I have the negotiating power, clearly the boy was horny, and we took a taxi to short time hotel a few km away, and if any problems arise, I will take taxi home, and he can walk home!

We take mocy back to the place where we met (to avoid all discussion of taxi money), but then he gets me to pay for his dinner (40 THB, take home) and 20 THB for mobile phone top up. Worth a repeat some day. (See notes above.) 

I have already a plan to optimize traveling next time we meet, alas some weeks later when I want to see him again, he is out of Line, hasn’t logged into hornet for over a week, and the phone number cannot be reached. Another fickle boy lost for communication problems!

4 Free sex: D Chanthaburi Euro Boys, Jame Lang Suan, Nat Lang Suan, Ton Pracha Uthit 60 THB.
7 Paid sex: Bank Magic Hands 1000, Bass Sri Ratcha 1000, Pon from Phuket 800, Fabien Madagascar 1000, Chat Surin Kawaii 1000, M Yaso 500, Pong Khon Kaen 1100 = 6400.
2 No sex: Nicky Ratchaburi, Hua Hin Bluport.

11 Gogo: Classic Boys, Nice Boys, Winner Boys, Dream Boys Pattaya, Power Boys, Cupidol, Eros, Nice Boys, Winner Boys, Power Boys, Kawaii.
2 Host bar: Euro Boys, New Guy Bar (Hua Hin).
2 Massage: Bank Magic Hands, Pon from Phuket in All of Me Pattaya.
6 Sauna: Nake, Saensuk, Babylon, Farose II, Nake, 39 underground.
2 Disco: App Arena, Sinlapin Esan.
3 Online dating: Bass Sri Ratcha, Jame Lang Suan (hornet), Nat Lang Suan (hornet).
1 Accidental encounter: F Madagascar.
1 No show: Hua Hin.

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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

My favorite pizzas in Bangkok

My favorite pizzas in Bangkok

Pizza and prostitutes have two things in common: 
they start with letter p and have a 10-80-10 distribution:

10% are poor and I wouldn't go back and warn friends; 
80% are okay, which means I might go again, but eating street food or wanking to porn instead would have saved a lot of time and money; and 
10% is good, and I will go again. This post is about the top 10% (pizzas, not prostitutes).

Madrid restaurant in Patpong
Go it's own post here: I have been there many times, and brought 8 (?) friends who all liked it, and others think the same: I have the medium size white cheese and spinach pizza for 265 THB:

Monsoon Restaurant in Sukhumvit Soi 8
Four cheese pizza for 280 THB:

Attrasingh Patisserie in Nang Linchee  
Pizza salmon and capelin roe for 130 THB (small pizza, hence the low price): (didn't take picture? insert later)

Mama Dolores in Yen Akart (and small branch in Sri Bam Pen)
I go to the small branch in Sri Bam Pen (junction to Yen Akart) because there is no service charge and I found it more delicious than the same pizza in main branch (even thought main branch has a wood-fired oven, and small branch has not). I have the margarita (medium size 140 THB) with additional pineapple and cheese (35 each):

Scoozi in Mega Bangna  
Pizza Bismarck (Ham and Egg, misspelled *Bismark in their menu, and I don't like 10% service charge and 7% VAT added to prices in menu). Two visits, around 2015 and 20jan2018.

Pizza Pomi at Yodpiman
Salmon and asparagus for 600 THB, most expensive I ever had, but from their terrace you have view over Chao Phraya river to Wat Arun. One visit around 2015.

Lido in Sri Bam Pen
I live in walking distance to Lido in Sri Bam Pen, and have eaten there occasionally since I first came to Thailand in 2009, but all my meals there were in the 80%.

Many other pizzerias in Bangkok and all over Thailand, none left a lasting impression.

Wood-fired pizza oven permutations 
Pizza should come from a wood-fired pizza oven, a difficult word and there 24 permutations of the four elements, here is one 
(1feb2014 Vientiane near fountain):

This post was inspired by (Michael 13jun2013)

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Monday, 12 February 2018

Bangkok Beggars Banana Allergy

Bangkok Beggars Banana Allergy
(I tried to make it an alliteration and failed, any ideas?)

Fri 10mar2017
Sitting with a Farang friend FF in a restaurant, table next to road, a disheveled person DP passes and stops and holds open his hands. FF gives him 20 Baht. DP doesn’t say thank you, but asks for 20 more. I have a bag with bananas that were for FF, but FF has his apple week and doesn’t want my bananas. I hand them to DP, who doesn’t want them either. FF is a do-gooder (except for proposing straight boys in third - world countries) and can explain everything: DP didn’t say “thank you” because he doesn’t speak our language, and DP might not like bananas or have a BANANA ALLERGY, hence the title.


Other weird things FF said:
When I told FF about the boy who probably stole my headphones, he said “It’s only headphones” (omitting the fact that the boy would have stolen whatever was in reach).

When I told FF about a boy who stole money:  
“He probably needed the money more than you.” 

FF said that Thais can survive in the jungle, and I cannot despite my PhD. Months later, I found the answer to that here: OK so Thais can survive in the Jungle and we couldn't. So can Monkeys. 

“They are so poor because we are so rich.” or was it “We are so rich because they are so poor.” Weeks later I found a reply “Our countries are so clean because their countries are so dirty.”

From a scientific or philosophical point of view, FF is an adherent of (the beggar has a banana allergy) whereas I am an adherent of (the beggar wants beer, not bananas). 

Do Bangkok beggars take bananas?
The above experience prompted me to make an experiment: 
how many beggars will take or refuse bananas?

When I offered bananas to the one legged beggar who has been living at the corner Sri Bam Pen / Yen Agat for years, he stopped me with a wave of his hand “mai ao, mai ao” (I don't want, I don't want) and looked at me as if I had insulted his mother. 

When I told the story to a Thai friend TF, she said the beggar is a “silly fool” (her words), he is not hungry now and cannot think ahead that he might become hungry later. Anyway, TF only gives money, because it’s more convenient for her. 


On Mon 3apr2017, I managed to force some bananas on a beggar near The Ascott on Sathorn road.

But the effort of carrying some bananas with me (at a state of ripeness that they can be eaten now or tomorrow), and watching out for beggars, became too much so I stopped this experiment before collection sufficient data for a meaningful statistical analysis. 

Rich and poor
The whole story made me think about the conception of poor and rich, have and have-nots.

Our (Europeans and places elsewhere where they have settled like USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) wealth derives partially from intellectual superiority and partially from exploiting other countries’ human and natural resources. None of it can be extended to the entire population of the world.

The premise that we are rich and they are poor is wrong. They are not poor, they live sustainable. We are not rich, we are exploiting other countries’ natural and human resources. That’s only possible because other countries are dictatorships.

If the planet’s resources were spread evenly, it would be like the Philippines everywhere. Which of my readers wants to give up their holidays in Thailand to raise other countries above the poverty line?

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Saturday, 3 February 2018

The Trees of Siam

The Trees of Siam 

By chance I learnt of a book "The Trees of Siam : Treasures of the Land under the Royal Benevolence of His Majesty the King รุกข มรดกของแผ่นดิน ใต้ร่มพระบารมี".  

Published by The Royal Photographic Society of Thailand RPST:รุกข-มรดกของแผ่นดิน-65-ต้น/
and can be viewed online:
There is no direct way to download the book, but "print as pdf", and a bit of patience (394 MB data) did the trick. Thanks to a friend for the hint.

However, reading a book online versus on paper is a bit like watching pornography versus sex. I want the book in print! Ask in several bookstores: no have. At the end, I go to the office of the RPST in BACC and inquire: the book is not commercially available, it was sent to dignitaries and VIPs, and they forgot me! But finally, I get one second hand.

I have been to several of these trees.

ChristianPFC in front of Giant Krabak tree in Tak province:

Rain Tree in Kanchanaburi (the tree on cover of the book):

Another book that is similar and that I equally cherish is "Illustrated Landforms of Thailand ภูมิลักษณ์ประเทศไทย" that I got at a book fair.

Two gems, both bilingual English and Thai, that gave me a lot of entertainment and inspiration.

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