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Dawai to Kanchanaburi

Dawai to Kanchanaburi
Dawei (Myanmar) to Kanchanaburi (Thailand) via Htee Kee / Phu Nam Ron พุน้ำร้อน border crossing

Price: 19,000 MMK to Myanmar immigration or 22,000 MMK to Thai immigration, then 80 THB to Kanchanaburi bus station. (1 THB = 42 MMK, 1 EUR = 1600 MMK, 1 USD = 1350 MMK)

Duration (rounded): from Dawei bus station to Myanmar immigration 4 h 30 min, lunch break 40 min, different time zone forward clock 30 min, Thai immigration to Kanchanaburi bus station 1 h 15 min, total 7 hours.

When I booked the ticket a day in advance, the agent read a disclaimer to me that the car used for the trip depends on number of passengers, but as a general rule the operator will try to cram as many passengers as possible on the car, because he is a greedy bastard (the agent’s words!), and the agent does not take any responsibility if the ride is uncomfortable for me.

I was the only foreigner on the trip and got the front seat. Beside (here in both meanings: by the side of, on par with) / Besides the driver’s seat, the only seat acceptable by European standards. The rear bench was converted into a loudspeaker box, and the ladies who shared it were sitting on the clear plastic cover without cushion. About 5 local male passengers were sharing the back of the car.

Departure from my guesthouse 7:44, then stop at bus station 7:52-54 which is about here 14°05'05.4"N 98°11'59.1"E = 14.084825, 98.199756 (about 300 m W of Kyat Min Pagoda, on N side of the road). Our car in front of bus station:

To Myitta asphalt road in okay to good condition, after that dirt track. One stop for passport control at a one-way bridge:

One stop for toilet (in the bushes), no stop for lunch (as I had asked before, and brought something to eat). 

In parts, the road is so bad that the driver has to go down to 1st gear. The road is mostly two-directional (one lane in each direction), but parts are one-directional with enough space on the sides so two cars can pass slowly in opposite directions.

Myanmar immigration 12:23-28. There are computers, but I see my data is handwritten into a book.
13°53'17.0"N 99°04'46.3"E = 13.888064, 99.079532
Technically they have a lunch break from 12 to 13, but nonetheless stamped us all out. Road on the Myanmar side:

Then driver’s and other passengers lunch break, then about 850 m drive to border, change of time zone, forward clock 30 min.
13°53'39.8"N 99°04'55.0"E = 13.894394, 99.081949
The driver takes all our passports and presents them here. From dirt track to two-lane asphalt road, picture from google satellite:

Then continue 3.7 km to Thai immigration
13°55'27.4"N 99°04'58.7"E = 13.924265, 99.082983
and get processed there 13:40-43. Welcome to Thailand:

Van line 8191 for 80 Baht to Kanchanaburi bus station 13:48-15:03. Goes via hwy3512/3085/3209/3429 and enters town from the south.

This post can be considered part 2 of “International land and sea border crossings of Thailand”;
international meaning that people from elsewhere than Thailand or the neighboring country can pass and enter the country (unlike Singkhon Pass ด่านสิงขร / Maw Daung and Three Pagodas Pass ด่านเจดีย์สามองค์ / Payathonsu that give only day passes;
sea border to include Ranong ระนอง / Kawthaung which is by boat.

Part 1 Cham Yeam (Cambodia) to Baan Hat Lek (Trat Thailand)

My experiences of Poipet to Aranyaprathet and Hat Yai to/from Penang are less detailed shared elsewhere on my blog or on the gay Thailand forums or thaivisa.

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Monday, 15 January 2018

Pattaya 9-12jan2018

Pattaya 9-12jan2018

Tue 9jan2018
Bus 46 for 9 THB to bus station on Bangna Trat road, then bus 48 for 108 THB to North Pattaya bus station, then songtheo for 10 THB to South Pattaya road. Total 127 THB and about 4 hours door-to-door.

I decided to give the sensory overload boy a chance, and messaged him on Line some days in advance. He is in Pattaya, looking for work, and can come to see me. And everything works out fine! Good English, can read clocks and maps. Worth a repeat. We did not talk about money, and at the end I hand him 1000 THB.
“Why you give me 1000?”
(I was a bit perplexed, and in my naivety thought “First boy of the year in Pattaya, for free? Great!”)
“You said 1500!”
(He reads our Line chat again, and of course as I remember, we didn’t talk about money at all, so drops the subject.)

Say hello to joe552 from sawatdeenetwork, and by chance meet several other Farang friends during this trip. Nice to meet you, Joe, and have a nice time in Pattaya!

Nice boys 20:33-21:20, hot tea 150 THB. 13 boys and 5 customers when I enter, increasing during my stay. Boys in individual white trunks and closed shoes. I would take #6 and #15, but at the end tip #1 for most entertaining.

Winner boys 21:28-22:03, fruit juice 79 THB. 8 boys and 14 customers. Boys in individual underwear (a great improvement from towels before) and closed shoes.

Winner boys is an example of a well-run bar. I counted 8 boys and 14 customers, and about 5 fully dressed staff. A visit to Classic Boys in Bangkok days before gave estimated 20 gogo boys, 20 fully dressed staff, to tend to a maximum of 30 customers.

Eros closed without notice [update: at time of posting opened again].

BoysBoysBoys pass 22:17, through the open door spot fully dressed boys on stage.

Dream Boys 22:21-32, fruit juice 180 THB. 8 boys and 4 customers, some smoking. The only cute boy #12 Nat is being offed, so I don’t stay long.

360 degree Boys is closed. 

Road construction is nearing completion.

Prisma 22:38-23:13, hot tea 180 THB. 8 boys 3 customers. Individual underwear and bare feet. None of the boys my type.

Beach road 23:20-40 no available boys.

Kawaii 23:45 only 3 boys, not worth going in. But an ex-gogo boy from there who became a friend is there hanging out outside, and we spend the rest of the night chatting.

Wed 10jan2018
Heavy rain in the morning! Borrow an umbrella to go to meet Farang friend for brunch. On way back, spot a cute boy at

All of me massage (behind Tuk-Com). 1 hour oil massage 400 THB. Massage ok, afters good, worth a repeat. Tip 800 THB. Exchange Line as he is there only in passing (on way to Satthahip, in the navy).

Chat on hornet with a boy who has been around for years, but we never got past the saying hello stage. He is interested, but cannot meet me near Tuk-Com as there is too much police around [I never noticed police around Tuk-Com]. The problem is that he took drugs and has to wait until they are out of his body/urine/blood.

In 2012, a friend asked me what I’m looking for in a boyfriend and I replied: “no smoking, no drinking, no tattoos”, but my standards have fallen, now I would have sex with someone who admits taking drugs (but still would draw the line at bringing drugs into my room).

Sansuk Sauna 16:57-18:50, entry 230 THB. Quite full, but mostly Whites. One very cute staff and one Thai friend I haven’t seen for years, and who is as cute as before. Even without getting anyone an entertaining evening.

Walk back and pass a family (?) of older man, younger man, women. Older man chats me up (I had my eyes on the younger), and they turn out to be from Madagascar and are gay. Exchange Line with F (the young and slim one).

Back in my room, have a look at hornet and there is one cute D only a few hundred meters away, good English and efficient communication, can fit him in before going to the bars. Meet at Tuk-Com, then to my room, and “fit in before going to the bars” turns out to be about 20:20-22:00. All positive, will meet again!

The tricky part is that he lives in Chanthaburi and is in Pattaya only for holiday, visiting friends who work in Sunee Plaza. Money boy or not? We go to his friend’s bar Euro boys and have drinks there (fruit juice for me 60 THB, whisky for him 110 THB).

Not much to talk about, but a Farang friend FF is there so I ask to join his table, and so we have entertainment. D will stay at Euro boys until 2 am, which is far too late for me, and boring as well (now that FF has left). Ask D “Are you money boy or did you go with me for fun?”, but only get a smile in return. I take that as a No, make plan to meet again tomorrow morning, pay and leave.

[Update: as of posting, he is still in Pattaya. In Euro Boys it is difficult for me to avoid being seen, anyway someone will tell him when I’m back in Pattaya. This (offing other boys) is going to get difficult to deal with on my next trip.]

Power boys 23:10-18, invitation by FF who has a bottle of whisky there. Only 4 boys and 3 customers left. (But passing Nice boys, look through the door and find it full.) Move on to

Cupidol 23:28-00:35, invitation by FF who has a bottle of whisky there. 11 boys and 7 customers. Individual white underwear and bare feet. #36 used to work in Dream Boys Pattaya #16, where I admired his very handsome face last year. Now I learn that he is Vietnamese, but good in bed. What to do?

In front of Toy Boys (bar full with boys and customers as far as I can see through the glass door) a very cute fully dressed chats me up. He works there infrequently, exchange contact information.

Thu 11jan2018
Wake up and message D Chantaburi, but after a short reply he falls silent.

1:02 Christian I go to bed now. Miss you. Good night.
1:02 Christian See you tomorrow morning.
1:03 D Ok
1:04 D Good night
1:04 D [Sticker]
9:00 Christian Good morning
9:01 D You too
9:02 Christian I just woke up. And you? [not read]
9:19 Christian I'm eating breakfast now, then I'm free. See you soon. [not read]
9:19 Christian [Sticker] [not read]
9:59 Christian And you? [not read]
10:10 Christian Canceled call [not read]
10:29 Christian ??? [not read]
Have to cast a decision: abort and pursue other boys. Resume chat in the evening:
19:24 Christian I'm back in Bangkok.
19:25 Christian Did you sleep this morning? I had to check out and couldn't wait any longer.
19:27 D I'm sorry to not see you
19:28 Christian What happened? Are you ok?
19:28 D I have some problems.
19:28 Christian What problem?
19:31 D where are you now
19:32 Christian In Bangkok
19:33 D Ok
19:33 D I'm sorry
19:38 Christian What problem?
19:41 D I have problems with my friends.
19:44 D And I was not in Pattaya this morning.

The MCA maximum credible accident! My well laid plans (meet D in the morning/midday, departure 2 pm because I will go directly to the next appointment in Bangkok) fucked up! He didn’t even say he cannot come, could turn up any minute. Work my way down the list of boys I want to meet, and the boy F from Madagascar is number 3 in my list, but the first to answer.

Of course, the chances that a Madagascan on holiday in Pattaya comes to my room for free sex within one hour of contacting him are slim, so I inquire about his job and get MB, pronounced em-bee, as reply. Everything fine, worth a repeat. We did not talk about money, 1000 accepted afterwards.

That’s my first encounter in bed with an African. However, Madagascans look different from continental equatorial Africans (or their offspring elsewhere, most notable the USA), and the hunt for sex with a continental equatorial African is still on. Thoughts and encounters here:

So many who I missed! The boy whom I met in Sansuk sauna and who works in Jomtien and who qualified for a repeat; the one from Eros was away anyway; Good Boys had a lot of boys and some were my type. Have to go to Pattaya again as soon as possible!

Thanks everyone, Farang and Thai, I met, for making this a great start of Pattaya this year.

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Friday, 12 January 2018

Gay places Yangon Dec 2017

Gay places Yangon Dec 2017

With all those cute boys I see in the street, it's a pity there are no gay saunas in Myanmar. So I only have massage, online, and street trade.

I knew of these places from and selected some to visit by convenience of access. (Exchange rates 1 THB = 42 MMK, 1 EUR = 1600 MMK, 1 USD = 1350 MMK.)

Used to be here

I could match the house in the background from

to what I found at that address (tree felled, LIME Spa gone, but the house in background still there):

Lionworld restaurant
A restaurant that stretches on 2nd floor along Shwedagon Pagoda Road between Anawratha Road and Maha Bandula Road.  

The restaurant and the two pedestrian overpasses are cruising spots or have street trade. At least the internet e.g. and two friends who have been there say so.

While there are plenty of cute staff at the restaurant (but that applies to almost everywhere in Myanmar), there was little traffic on the pedestrian overpass, and most notably nobody who looked available. (Fri 22dec2017 about 22:10-30 and Sat 23dec2017 21:03-21.) 

However on ground level, three touts approached me and offerd ladies, but when I told them I like boys, and showed them pictures on my mobile phone, this was met with disinterest.

Friend from below mentioned M-one Spa which is not on the internet yet, except for their facebook page: 

No.28/B,Byamaso Road,5/7 Qtr,South Okkalarpa Township Yangon @hairandhealthspa Call +95 9 779 933824

Very little activity on hornet and gayromeo. A friend who lives in Myanmar recommended grindr, but I couldn’t get my grindr to work (logged out accidentally in 2014, forgot password and tried unsuccessfully several times to get a new password, use hornet since then).

Meet one contact from hornet from my Aug 2017 visit. We had already figured out that his profile picture is not him, and that he is too fat for my taste, but good English, so let's meet and see where this leads. 

There is an intellectual connection, and we spend an enjoyable evening and following day eating, drinking, sightseeing. Thank you very much and see you again when I go to Yangon again or when you come to Bangkok!

The New Dlax Spa
Next to Hotel Accor and in walking distance to Dagon Center.

Fri 22dec2017, in room 19:25, back on street 21:23. Take 90 min oil massage + 30 min cream scrub, usually 23 kMMK, now discount 19 kMMK. Choose masseur from 4 boys who were free when I arrived. Management and masseur I choose spoke good English.

All quite modern and clean, but there was a problem with water temperature and flow regulation. Massage table with face well. Massage starts on my legs, then a short play with my balls, then continues on back. Shortly after turning around, my masseur makes a hand movement (like wanking me) and asks if I want (no money discussed). I agree and slip my hand under his shirt. He rolls up his shirt and later lowers his trousers and underwear after I indicate I would like access. Overall so-so. After wanking me, shower and then cream scrub which was a bit uncomfortable in the lying position, as the cream would run down the sides of my body, or from my neck to the my chin, lips, tip of nose, and quickly become cold from evaporation. The bill is presented in the room, and I give him 19 kMMK for massage and 21 kMMK tip.

But diagonally across the road, Cafes dibar, had good food (Italian) and is worth a repeat visit.

The Sands Spa
(On the southern side of Bo Min Yaung St; location marker wrongly on the northern side everywhere on the internet.)

Sun 24dec2017, in room about 13:20-14:30. Take 1 hour oil massage for 13 kMMK. There is a choice of 6 masseurs, 5 of them too fat for my taste, the last just right. Massage table with face well. The room has only a curtain, no door. Water outage: shower with cold water from bucket. While I’m lying on my front on the table, I can hear him take of his trousers (and replace with towel as I would later learn, no underwear). Massage okay with only a bit of erotic touching.

After I turn around, I have the impression that he will spend the rest of the hour just massaging me unless I indicate that I’m interested in more. So I slip my hand under the towel, where I find perfect warm and dry skin and a big cock. Towel and shirt quickly come off (no talk about money), to reveal a body that is perfect (shape and brown slightly shining skin under the limited light). There is response to my caresses and I have a good time.

I would be back within a week, but my travel leads me away! The best afters since Jan 2014. I have his name in English and Burmese (should have asked for his phone number or better facebook!), and now ponder how I can find a pretext to go to Yangon again as soon as possible.

Here again bill is presented in the room, and I tip 20 kMMK.

Afterwards a delicious meal (noodle and chicken in coconut milk soup) in a restaurant about 50 m east:

Underwear advertising
An accidental find while walking in town. 

Gay activities in Myanmar
Or rather attempts at gay activities. Fri 22dec2017 I met my acquaintance from trip in Aug 2017 again, at National Swimming Pool (Yangon, next to Hotel Olympic, in walking distance from my place and a good restaurant next to pool). He brought four friends, two of them cute. Eat and chat there for over an hour. Nobody was in the pool, because it was closed for maintenance for a week over Christmas. Last time my friend was single, but now he has a girlfriend. They were talking about girls next table, so I assume none of them is gay and this is a dead end.

Hot spring near Dawai 28dec2017
I had high hopes to ogle at cute boys at the hot spring, but was bitterly disappointed on all accounts: no cute boys, and you can't get into the water. Instead, ladle water over body, and once wet you have to keep ladling else you will get cold. 

Tea shop in Dawai 27dec2017
When I pass the tea shop, a cute boy waves to me, so I sit down for tea. His fat brother (both Tamil and wonderful brown skin) is the one who speaks English best, so most conversation was with him. Even though I didn't get anywhere with his brother, it was quite interesting, and we spent over an hour chatting.

The interesting thing is that all these encounters were invitations (contrary to Thailand). I made some protests, but at the end accepted. 

I once read in a newspaper that there is no sexual education in Myanmar. And in the conversations I had, it took over an hour until the subject of girls was raised (contrary to Thailand). Next trip I will check if condoms are sold in the few convenience stores, or even better bring some and distribute them (and invite boys to my room for demonstration?).

Hairdresser in Dawei 28dec2017
There was a hairdresser that had a gaggle of twinks with outrageous hairdoes. I could do with a shaving, so I enter. He uses an electric hair cutting machine, which leaves about 1 mm of hair standing. That would have been it, but I ask for wet shaving. They get a razor and try some of their lotions as shaving cream, none of them works! They obviously never have done wet shaving before. A disaster! Pay the 3000 MMK they ask for, and in two days that worst shave ever will have grown out.

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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Khao Chong Krachok in Prachuap Khiri Kan town

Khao Chong Krachok in Prachuap Khiri Kan town
เขาช่องกระจก เมืองประจวบคีรีขันธ์

Khao Chong Krachok is a mountain with temple on top in Prachuap Khiri Kan town. View from bridge over railway line (the white text เมืองสามอ่าว means "city of the three bays"):

Start of stairs:

Around and on the mountain large number of monkeys:

Welcome the conqueror of Khao Chong Krachok 396 steps:

View from Khao Chong Krachok over Saranwithi bridge สะพานสราญวิถี to Khao Lom Muak:

Only after first visit did I learn that the mountain has a hole (on the northern end, easily visible on first picture), which required a repeat visit. The way up to the hole starts with stairs, then on rock, and to go above the hole there is a ladder. From there you can go to the temple side entrance.

Aerial pictures by a friend's drone:

(Pictures mixed from three visits 27nov2016, 3dec2017, 31dec2017.)

Other towns in Thailand that have an easily accessible and climbable (stairs or even road up to top) mountain are
Chainat, Chiang Mai, Hat Yai, Nakon Sawan, Nan, Phuket, Uthai Thani.

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Saturday, 6 January 2018

Khao Lom Muak in Prachuap Khiri Kan town

Khao Lom Muak in Prachuap Khiri Kan town
เขาล้อมหมวก เมืองประจวบคีรีขันธ์ 

Picture taken during a reconnaissance visit on 3dec2017 in the afternoon, monument to commemorate Thai resistance to Japanese landing on 8dec1941 in the foreground:

Khao Lom Muak is in Prachuap Khiri Kan town, on the grounds of air force base Wing 5, and open only around holidays which this year (2018/2561) are: 30-31 Dec 2017, 1-2 Jan, 6-8 and 12-16 Apr, 12-14 May, 27-30 Jul, 11-13 Aug, 13-15 Sep, 8-10 and 29-31 Dec, 1 Jan 2019.

Opening time is 6:00-10:30. No flip-flops, no littering, no pictures of the air force base. Height is 902 foot (275 m). All information taken from:

When you enter the air force base, you have to sign into a book, and before you cross the airfield (this is only allowed by car or mocy, not by walking; I had to wait for a vehicle to hitchhike across) you have to leave your passport at the guard.  

Sign in your name at the start of the trail:


I counted 423 steps, video in museum says 496 steps, link at the end of article says 497 steps, requires further investigation. From then on, rock or soil with a rope:

500 of 700 what?

My ascent 7:25-8:15 was significantly slowed down by people ahead of me who I could not overtake. And for the last rope, staff (soldiers in blue) collect people in groups to go up or down, so there is a wait as well.

Shrine with Buddha footprint on top of mountain: 

View south:

Photography of the air force base in the west is prohibited, but see google satellite view or search for pictures:

View north (Prachuap Khiri Kan town and bay and islands)

From Khao Lom Muak, Khao Chong Krachok (upcoming post) looks small :

The mountain is inhabited by Dusky leaf monkey who look cute and behave nicely, unlike those hideous creatures Crab-eating macaque that infest Lopburi, Khao Chong Krachok, and other places in Thailand.

Remain on top 8:15-9:03, then descent 9:03-46. Visit the museum. Thus, before noon on 1jan2018, while others are still in coma or hangover depending on activities and tolerance, I have already climbed a mountain and visited a museum. What a wonderful start of the year!

I saw 2 Farang during the climb, and inquired at registration booth: on 31dec2017 they had 600 visitors, and today 1jan2018 300.

Other recommended activities: The museum (entry 80 THB, open on holidays, most displays labelled in Thai and English and most videos available in either language or has subtitles) about the Japanese landing and Thai resistance on 8 Dec 1941, and the monuments to commemorate same event. Display of 5 old aircraft in the open. During low tide, a sand bank connects to the islands (requires repeat visit).

Reports about Khao Lom Muak on internet or in magazines: (in English) (in English, says 497 steps)

หนีกรุง ไปปรุงฝัน Nee Grung Bpai Bprung Fan magazine Vol. 42 : June 2016 (50 Baht, originally 90) Cover Sam Pan Bok, inside article climbing เขาล้อมหมวก Khao Lom Muak in Prachuap Khiri Khan (in Thai)

Der Farang Nr. 12/2017 9. Juni 2017 Seite 30-31. (in German)

(Part 1 of "Moutains overlooking provincial capitals in Thailand", others will be Khao Ok Thalu in Pattalung, Doi Chaang Pha Dan in Phrae and Doi Luang - Doi Nok in Phayao - only those requiring climbing qualify, those you can access by car not, like in Chainat, Chiang Mai, Hat Yai, Nakon Sawan, Nan, Phuket, Uthai Thani)

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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Navaratri festival in Silom Road

Navaratri festival in Silom Road

Navaratri นวราตรี is a Hindu festival that is held in September or October. Details here:

In Bangkok, the festival takes place in Silom road around Sri Maha Mariamman Temple = Wat Prasri Maha Umathewee วัดพระศรีมหาอุมาเทวี = Wat Kaek Silom วัดแขกสีลม.,_Bangkok


I was unaware of this festival until recently, when Thai friends told me about it. The celebrations take place in the evening and part of Silom Road and Narathiwat-Ratchanakarin Road are blocked for traffic.

The procession passes, but I'm too far away to have a good view, and some people are sprinkled with colorful powder, and I don't like crowds, so make an exit soon after:

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