Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Banhan-Chaemsai Tower in Suphanburi

Banhan-Chaemsai Tower in Suphanburi
หอคอยบรรหาร-แจ่มใส สุพรรณบุรี

Named after former Thai Prime Minister Banharn Silpa-archa บรรหาร ศิลปอาชา and his wife Jamsai Silpa-archa, both from Suphanburi.

Tower and surrounding Chalerm Patthara Rachini Park สวนเฉลิมภัทรราชินี are open 
Tue-Fri 10-19, Sat-Sun-Holiday 10-20:30, Mon closed.
Adult admission to park 10 THB, park and tower 40 THB (telescopes on tower 10 THB for 3 min, water park separate entry fee).  

Aerial picture of tower and park by a friend's drone:

Four floors: 1st reception, 2nd restaurant, 3rd souvenir shop and viewpoint, 4th (at 78.75 m elevation) viepoint. Outside observation deck above 4th floor is listed, but when I asked 26sep2017 not open to public.

4th floor (inside paintings of historical events, outside information about points of interest):

View of Wat Phra Rup in the foreground and Suphanburi railway station in the background from 4th floor:

3rd floor souvenir shops and panoramic views:

tower from long axis of park:

map of park:

other observation towers in Thailand:
Ho Kaeo Mukdahan หอแก้วมุกดาหาร
Nakhon Sawan Tower หอชมเมืองนครสวรรค์
Tower at Pa Sak Jolasid Dam เขื่อนป่าสักชลสิทธิ์ Lopburi
Paknam Observation Tower หอชมเมืองสมุทรปราการ in Samut Prakan (Construction complete, but interior furnishing will take another two years before it opens? I asked when I went on 25jun2017.)
Skydeck in Terminal 21 Korat (Nakon Ratchasima)
Bangkok has an observation in planning:

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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Padang Besar and Dan Nok attractions

Padang Besar and Dan Nok attractions

Padang Besar ปาดังเบซาร์ and Dan Nok ด่านนอก are border crossings between Thailand and Malaysia, both in Songkhla สงขลา province, Sadao สะเดา district. Padang Besar is the only operational railway line between both countries, Dan Nok the main road crossing.

Wat Khao Rup Chang วัดเขารูปช้าง
From Padang Besar railway station 10.5 km by road, I went there by mocy (originally asked for 150 THB, then agreed on 100); return by hitchhiking. 
6°42'54.5"N 100°16'38.5"E = 6.715139, 100.277347

Ganesha Dan Nok พระพิฆเนศด่านนอก
Thanks to staff at hotel who let me in one of their upper rooms to take picture of the statue. From ground level, the view is distorted. 
6°31'45.3"N 100°24'51.8"E = 6.529238, 100.414385

Inside ground floor:

Adjacent Brahma shrine:

White Temple Dan Nok
I couldn't find an official name, it is obviously inspired, or even by the same artist, as White Temple in Chiang Rai (Wat Rong Khun วัดร่องขุ่น). At time of posting not on satellite view, but on google street view Jun 2016.
6°32'02.9"N 100°24'59.2"E = 6.534127, 100.416449

Other attractions
Plenty of other entertainment that is not my area of interest: 
water park, Chinese village, dinosaur park, panda park. 

View of Sadao border crossing from my hotel room:

To Bangkok 1310 km on highway 4 = Phetkasem road:

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Thursday, 12 October 2017

Digital detox

Digital detox

On a normal day in my room in Bangkok, I spend many hours on the computer participating in gay Thailand forums, reading about interesting places in Thailand, chatting with friends. 

When I go on a trip where I stay in a hotel, I cut down my online activities to google maps for navigation and online dating. 

I call this "digital detox".

My readers need not be worried when I don't post in the forums for a week, and then need some days to catch up, or when a comment on my blog is caught in moderation, I will check everything once home. 

Posts on my blog are scheduled, and even the dumbest of my readers must have noticed that

if (day of the month) modulo 3 = 0 then post (at midday Bangkok).

Every now and then a draft of a post slips through and gets published prematurely (because I set the publishing date in the near future, while I'm away), and then taken offline for editing, to be published again some time later.

I sometimes have phantom vibrations on my mobile phone (It is set it to quiet, no ringing, only vibrate only for incoming calls and messages): I imagine a vibration, but then I take my phone out to check, there is nothing.

I don't take calls in the following situations (all have an S): sleep, shower, shit, shave, sex, sauna, sport (swimming, running), massage, cinema (S sound at the beginning), and now that I discovered how to turn my phone to airplane mode without going through the menus (push the on-off-button for three seconds, then choice between "switch off" - "start new" - "airplane mode" will appear), I will use that function more often, e.g. when walking or traveling where I don't want to be disturbed.

My loyal reader vinapu goes even a step further, and does not use a mobile phone when in Thailand. And miraculously, it works! We set a place and time to meet, and both of us are there on time, no calls "half and hour later and 2 km away from the original meeting point". And even his Thai friends manage!

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Monday, 9 October 2017

Random abandoned

Random abandoned

Channel 11 building in Bangkok
13.747963, 100.571844 = 13°44'52.7"N 100°34'18.6"E 
Phetchaburi road, northern side, halfway between Wat Uthai Tharam วัดอุทัยธาราม and Italthai Tower.

Aerial pictures by a friend's drone, Phetchaburi road in front, ARL in the back (and SRT eastern line underneath the ARL):

Looks nice from the distance, but outside all garbage and inside thoroughly vandalized:

People living nearby didn't object when I went in on 16dec2015 and 12apr2017. Signs of occasional habitation inside, but no dogs.

Google street view: 

(I couldn't get on the road to take such picture, too many cars. In addition, both times I went there, a car was parked just in front of the sign สถานีวิทยุโทรทัศน์แห่งประเทศไทย ช่อง ๑๑ กรมประชาสัมพันธ์ สำนักนายกรัฐมนตรี - Channel 11 radio station...). And from across Phetchaburi road: 

ICC tower 
13.757001, 100.561819 = 13°45'25.2"N 100°33'42.5"E
Din Daeng road, about 300 m west of Rama 9 MRT.
I tried twice to get in, but guarded every day. Aerial pictures from a friend's drone: 

And from ARL Makkasan:

Abandoned giant gate on Pahonyothin 

Sathorn Unique
After the suicide (?) in dec 2014 completely fenced up, and trespassers will be prosecuted:

But I got there before (apr 2013):

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Friday, 6 October 2017

Incredible edible

Incredible edible

A pictured list of things that are eaten in SEAasia that we would not eat in the West. Most of them I tried.

Various insects 
I have tried most of them. Bamboo worm delicious, all other ok, fully acceptable as food for me. Eating cockroaches is an urban myth, I have not found a reliable source.

Here a stall that has them all with their Thai name:

Fried spiders in Cambodia
On my first trip in Cambodia (Jul 2014), I saw these fried spiders on a stop halfway between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. At that time I didn't have the courage, and after I never saw them again. (But ask a local in Jun 2017: one dollar per piece, he has eaten it recently.)

Fried scorpion 
On sale in Khao San and other touristy places, but I have never seen it elsewhere, so it might be a gimmick and the locals lough about the stupid tourist. 

Unhatched chicken
I have only my memories and one poor quality picture (unhatched chicken on the left, bamboo worm on the right) I took in 2010. After that, I haven't seen them again. Beak and bones are so soft, you barely notice when eating. Seems to be widely available elsewhere:

Chicken ass  
I wrote about chicken ass here: Eating it was just by chance, I didn't know what exactly I was eating until I found out much later.

Chicken feet
No sorry, I won't get that on my plate. 

Fried rat 
I was in a hurry, so I took only pictures but didn't try. (Wat Muang in Ang Thong)

Variations of frog
Raw frog at Klong Toey market:

I had frog in various forms (dried salted in Thailand, and fried in Malaysia 2010 and in Myanmar 2017), all fine for me. 

Fermented Sala Loy Gaeow and guava juice 
Sala Loy Gaew สละลอยเก้ว is delicious. Those I bought quickly (within 2 days) started to ferment, the plastic bulging and in one case the lid coming off with a bang from the pressure by carbon dioxide formed. Everyone else would probably just discard it, but I made a sensory test: smells good, and a small sample tastes good, and found the fermented is even more delicious than the original.

I forgot an opened bottle of guava juice before a trip, and when I came it was bloated and evolved gas upon opening, but still ok to drink.

Left: bloated plastic cans (usually they come with a label on the lid; contents 200 g for 40 THB or 3 cans for 100), right glass (Tops Silom Complex, 680 g for 115 THB). In glass did not ferment.

Papaya seeds
I read somewhere [citation below] that large amounts of papaya seeds are unhealthy, whereas elsewhere [citation below] multiple health benefits are claimed. I have to try myself: eating up to 1 kg of papaya including seeds per week for a month did not have any ill effect on me. They have a spicy taste similar to capers or nasturtium (the entire plant is edible!) or orange lily flowers or mustard, which I all like.

Side Effects Of Eating Too Much Papaya Seeds
Health Benefits of Papaya Seeds: To Fight Cancer, Healthy Digestion and to Detoxify Your Body  

See here as well:

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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Gay activities Sep 2017

Gay activities Sep 2017

Bangkok gogo bars, no gay venues in Dan Nok, Farose II by bus, Nake and Macho in the afternoon, Saphan Khwai / Pradipat karaokes.

Fri 1sep2017 Sadao / Dan Nok (Songkhla province) สะเดา ด่านนอก จ.สงขลา

Dan Nok (town at the Sadao border crossing to Malaysia) has a high number of discos/karaokes/massages targeting straight Malaysian customers. I learnt of these places here:

And wondered if there is any gay activity, and had sightseeing in Dannok anyway, so I stayed a night.

During a stroll through town in the evening, pass a restaurant table with 4 boys who all look gay and smile and wave at me. Five minutes later, two pass on mocy and stop and chat. They quickly get to the point of asking me if I’m gay and we exchange Line. The boys work as dancer in M Club and I will go to see them at work later.

M Club visit 21:20-22:40, water (plastic bottle, room temperature) 100 THB. When I arrive about 50 girls (shapely, with numbers) on stage. 21:25 girls mix with audience. They are dressed as nurse, school girl, bunny, stewardess and other. On stage girls (changing costumes between acts) and boys singing and dancing, or solo or duo singing. Smoking allowed. Customers mainly middle-aged.

The toilets are clean, odorless, spacious, well lit; quite a contrast to toilet in some gay discos, who are, excuse the pun, shitty places that you can smell from a distance.

But I didn’t come here to marvel at the toilets or watch girls on stage, but to investigate if there is any organized gay activity. With over 10 discos each with capacity of over 500 customers, and dozens of massage places, there must a small market for gay?

Alas, there isn’t! I asked one available lady (who drove past on mocy and waved at me, then stopped for chat when I waved back), one Malaysian tourist (who chatted me up when we were walking), one tout (who offered me lady for massage in my hotel): all of them say there is no boy disco/karaoke/massage. The lady and the tout offered to call a boy for massage in my room, but that’s not my style, so I declined.

The boy from the mocy was eager to come to my room after work, but not so much my type, so I declined.

Sat 2sep2017 to Tue 5sep2017 Hat Yai

Details about gay venues in Hat Yai separately:

Sat 2sep2017 Elysium Sauna 21:06-23:18

A fatty chats me up on the rooftop garden, and gives me a skillful blowjob there in full view of others who are passing (I’m not shy), I have to make an effort not to get fully hard and cum. He then asks if I want a threesome and chats up the boys who pass who I tell him are my type. One of them agrees and we go to a room. Fatty leaves us alone, and we have to change room because the locked door can be opened a bit and shapely boy is afraid someone will watch us (I couldn’t care less).

Once we have settled into another room, start of full activities: up, down, front, back, in, out, and reverse, where I usually complain about lack of activity, this is becoming a bit too much!

In particular I don’t like the hard nipple play he performs on me, and when he sucks me in some angles I can feel his sharp teeth, and later I notice he didn’t take off his ring, which caused me skin irritations.

He wants to stay over night with me (a bit awkward, as I nowadays take rooms with fan instead of aircon and cold water in shower because that’s fine for me when I’m alone, but not nice when I have guests), and invites me for dinner. I am tired from a day of traveling, but he is still horny and has his hands on my body, cock, ass all night. I have to wear underwear to prevent access to my cock to avoid further skin irritation!

In the morning, I give in and we have another round. Then say goodbye (he will take train back to Pattani where he came from). Exchange Line and might meet again when I’m in the south.

This gives a new perspective on most of my other sexual encounters: even boys who go with me for free have other things in mind (MONEY!!!) and go just through the motions, waiting for a moment to hint or openly ask.

Mon 3sep2017

Another visit to Elysium. Chat with a Malaysian visitor, good English. He is Muslim and while he takes great effort to avoid pork (rather go hungry than eating in a restaurant that servers pork), he indulges in homosexual activities. I asked him how he reconciles this with Islam, and he churned out several minutes of grammatically correct English sentences, but if I had to summarize, he didn’t say anything.

Thu 7sep2017

On my way home from fruit shopping in Klong Toey market, I pass two cute boys next to the railway line, at what is a mocy washing station during day and usually abandoned at night. One of the boys makes the mistake of not averting my look, so I chat them up. They are waiting for a train to come, to wash the train. The train will come in 1 hour, so I ponder to invite them to spend the waiting time with me, but decided against it. But I was damn close to proposition them!

Fri 8sep2017

Farose II visit 23:17-01:37. From about 20 to 50 customers, around 1:30 nobody in disco. Some shapely.

One boy Beer showed no interest at all, but when I sit down and touch his back, he takes my hand and puts it on his crotch, and then leads me to a room where we have a nice time. Afterwards exchange Line and might meet again some day.

Mon 11sep2017

Nake 16:33-17:23. Unusually early for me, and with surprise I learn that entry before 16 is only 99 THB and there is a seizable number of customers already (about 15). A fatty chats me up and asks whom I like, so I point out one slim and brown, but hairy boy. We get into a room for a threesome, but after some wanking and sucking it turns out all three of us are top, and they abort which suits me well as I was looking for an excuse to get out.

Tue 12sep2017

My loyal reader vinapu is in Bangkok and invites me to a bar hopping spree.

Screwboys 20:05-21:12. Pineapple juice 300 THB. 6 Boys and no customers. New underwear: white and blue horizontal stripes. Closed shoes. Boys smoke. Three fully dressed twinks (Vietnamese looking) in and out of the bar, and at the end two of them get onto stage. #29, 34, 38 cute. 9 Boys and 3 customers when we leave. Overall number of boys too low, should have skipped and gone somewhere with more boys.

Fresh Boys 21:47-23:15. Hot tea 400 THB. Lee the Analphabet is there as staff #73. With a body like that, he belongs on a stage! 18 Boys and 2 customers. White briefs and closed shoes. #22 is cute, if we were in Pattaya I would have offed him. #1 and #41 not bad either. Show starts 22:15, now over 21 customers (and bar gets full during show, estimated 30 customers). Lipsync at the start, then various acts with hard dicks (including banging dick on metal pole to make a loud sound) and a fucking show, including cruising the audience for tips while still joined at the hip. Gaps between acts too long, minutes without anything to see, inacceptible. Customers smoke, and unfortunately I have two chain smokers sitting nearby. When there is a second lipsync act 23:15 and both are smoking, I have to flee (not without exchanging a smile with #22 who is sitting near entrance).

Jupiter 2018 visit 23:24- Pineapple juice 280 THB. Quite full, a lot of Asian women. Shower show in progress (but poor view for wet glass and poor light). Around 23:30 show ends, and about 20 boys get on stage, none of them sticks out, most of them fully dressed, a few shirtless. Have a look at the upstairs VIP area (couches overlooking the stage). That’s the worst value for money I ever had (average percentage of bare skin of torso) in a gogo, if you can still call it a gogo, but for host bar even worse! BLACKLIST!. Say goodbye and leave 23:42.

Summary: a lot of time and money spent, but apart from a few cute boys most of it was “fast forward” (if I had a remote control, I would “fast forward” to see if there is anything interesting later). Pattaya wins hands down.

Wed 13sep2017

Macho X 16:53-17:43. Entry 100 THB (before 17:00? 160 when I leave). About 15 customers throughout.

Thu 14sep2017

A boy from Hornet Bass from Trat who divulged that he is looking for money, and who has messaged or called me several times since we had first contact on 20jul2017, is free now and comes to my room. Bass Trat in my room 22:35-23:10 (to get last MRT). Have a good time and will see him again.

Fri 15sep2017 to Sat 16sep2017

Sat 16sep2017

Farose II by bus. Walk to bus stop 10 min, wait for bus 7 min. Bus 46 fan 9 THB 21:57-22:17 Sukhumvit road (past Soi 71). Walk to bus stop on Soi 71 and wait for bus. Bus 71 fan 9 THB 22:24-40 Ramkhamhaeng road (past soi 21). Walk to Farose II arrive 22:49. That’s 1 h 9 min and 18 THB by bus versus taxi 27 min and 105 (+5 tip round up) THB on Fri 8sep2017.

Farose II stay 22:49-01:08, brimming, chat with shapely Khmer boys.

Mon 18sep2017

Kim Chan45 comes to my room and brings a friend Biw who waits in my bathroom. I had told Kim that he can bring friends (slim, brown, no body hair) and I thought Biw will join but didn’t wait, only to learn afterwards that he is shy. Upon asking, he exposed his abdomen and let me touch it, but touching his crotch was too much. (Kim Chan45 is reliable and slim, brown, no body hair, warm and dry skin, but cock-size-wise really nothing to write home about.)

Nake 17:03-23 about 15 customers, one bordercase.

Tue 19sep2017

A boy Oat whom I had twice earlier this year, but then slow reply and not free, comes to my room for sex. We have a good time and not a hint of money request.

Wed 20sep2017
Zy massage (former Lomchoey) on Soi Ngam Duplee. One hour oil massage 500 THB. Getting expensive, and not even warm water for shower! Good massage, starts in underwear, warm and dry skin at the beginning. But when it’s steering to happy ending, skin a bit too cold from aircon, boy a bit too fat for my taste, I have a few gropes but am not in the mood, so leave it at massage. Tip 500 THB. I learn that he used to work in Fresh Boys and Classic Boys; why did he change to massage?

Thu 21sep2017
The construction site on Silom at Flann O’Brien / Thaniya is gone. It blocked the sidewalk for years, and I thought it’s for an elevator for BTS, but it’s not. There is a vast empty space now.

Bar hopping with my loyal reader vinapu.

Tawan 21:15. I clearly remember I have been to Tawan once, around 2011, and now set food in the bar again just to have a look, and there is nothing that would entice me to stay, even if it was for free.

Super A 19:40-21:09. 8 boys in black underwear and black sleeveless shirts and 0 customer when we enter. Maximum 10 boys and 1 customer during our stay. Two I would take for free, and then a twink who is a clear hit enters, stands fully dressed on the stage for a while, and then disappears to upstairs. Wait for the twink to reappear, in vain. Ask staff: sleeping, but they will call him for me. Have some chat and a few gropes, tip him 100, and might be back for him. Around 20:30 when we are ready to leave, heavy rain starts, which delays our departure.

Dick’s Café closed every Thursday?

Hotmale 21:28-22:25. Since I last visited about 2 years ago, stage has been changed. Between 3 and 5 coyote (out of 8) in boots and black briefs, and about 8 boys (out of about 14) in Hotmale underwear and sleeveless shirts on stage. 0 customer when we arrive, total 4 during show. Some boys I would take for free, and two I remember.

#5 I met in DJ station years ago, a bordercase, so when he told me he is money boy, I said bye.

#7 I met in G-Star years ago, exchanged contact information, lost contact, met again, resumed contact, lost contact, and then I gave up (a boy who is unable to keep one Line and one phone number for some months probably has difficulty with space-time coordination as well). Now instantly recognized each other, and has that boy gotten fat! No way!

21:45 parade of shirtless boys on stage, 21:50 show, 22:10 end of show, parade of boys.

Fri 22sep2017

Macho X 17:31-18:38 entry 160. Camouflage loincloth, about 30 customers. Get a blowjob in steam room.

Is that what the future holds for me in terms of free sex: anonymous blowjobs by fatties in darkrooms?

Sat 23sep2017

Chat with a boy M from Yasothon on gayromeo. Good English. He often stay with a friend near my room and needs 500 THB. I go to see him and we have a good time. Repeat some day.

Farose II by bus. 10 minutes walk to bus stop, and lucky no wait, bus 115 fan 22:05-34, then walk to Farose II arrive 22:43. That’s 48 min and 9 THB. Farose II visit 22:43-00:57. Naked on 3rd floors (rooms, labyrinth) partially observed/enforced (there is one staff at the entrance who tells customers to take off all clothes, but inside still several in underwear). One very shapely boy ,but not interested.

Groups of foreign boys (Khmer and Myanmar, I encountered Philipinos on other vistis), some of the Khmer shapely.

Sun 24sep2017

Phahon Theater 16:18-34. Entry 60 THB (has been for years, and the same in all sex cinemas). They play a war movie. Brimming, about 100 customers. Sufficient light to walk around, but not enough to make an investment decision.

39 underground sauna 16:55-18:45. Nude day, brimming, and the shapely boy from Farose II yesterday is here! But after some chat and indecent touches I can only conclude that he is not interested.

The Bridge Massage (former The Nine on Pradipat), 5 boys at reception to choose from, and over ten on pictures on mobile phone, but none of them my type, so I’m glad when manager recommends one. Good massage and good erotic part, with nude body-to-body. But too fat and cold skin, so we don’t get into indecent touching. Tip 300.

Saphan Khwai (Pradipat Soi 20) counterclockwise karaokes: Street, U-turn, Waterloo, Adam, Be High gogo closed for good, Heaven no light no sound, Stax, D-Door.

Mon 25sep2017

Bom Minburi comes to my room after agreeing on 1000 THB (before I paid up to 1500, but knowing he is a thief, he will surely come for 1000 and steal more).

Tue 26sep2017 Suphanburi
Trip to Suphanburi for 2 days 1 night for sightseeing and meet Ball. While everything was clear on Mon evening, now there seems to be a problem, no show. High activity on hornet, and a boy Tem comes to my room. So-so, in and out in 10 minutes.

From trips to the provinces I can generalize: I have to visit four provincial capitals and spend about an hour chatting in each to find one who is a clear hit. That one hour is looking at the screen and typing, for me it would be just “Sex yes/no, where and when?” but many of the boys are chatty, and can drag for the entire day, reading and typing while sightseeing, eating, walking.

Fri 29sep2017

Sake disco arrive 00:30, about 1/3 full. In the course of the night up to 2/3 full. Show starts 00:48. 6 Coyote boys from 01:18-39. Leave 03:16. We are 3 Farang and 3 Thai, but only one couple Farang/Thai, and I had hopes that T would come with me. However on the way to set out the other Thai boy, that one (the only still awake and sober of the three Thai) orders his friends out of the car and home.

He must have been unhappy with some part of the night, and if he does not get what he wants, then neither of us shall get what we want. I had a similar situation in 2014 (?) where I had a promising conversation with a boy in a disco, until a friend imposed himself as translator and thwarted my plans. Cock-block!

From even earlier encounters (2011) I can say: you cannot proclaim a night out a success when you have the boy in your car or taxi, not even when you have him home, only after morning-after-night-out sex. When I’m out and come back in the early morning, I rather sleep, and others might even be drunk in addition to tired. But even with normal bedtimes and without alcohol, I had several cases where the boy got up in the middle of the night and left.

Sat 30sep2017
M Yaso wants to meet again, not a full match type-wise, but I tell that I usually don't pay for sex, and can only give him 300 today, and he accepts!

Summary Sep 2017:

5 Free sex: Elysium, Farose II, Oat, Macho X, Tem Suphan.

6 Paid sex: Bass Trat 1000, Chan Euro 1000, Kim Chan45 500 (+Biw 50), M Yaso 500, Bom Minburi 1000 (+820 stolen), M Yaso 300 = 5170.

Health 210+6600=6810, another month with more health expenses than prostitution, however they come as peaks, and evenly distributed over the year it’s about 1500 per month.

8 Sauna: Elysium (Hat Yai), Elysium (Hat Yai), Farose II, Macho X, Farose II, Nake, Macho X, 39 underground.

11 Gogo: Screwboys, Fresh Boys, Jupiter 2018, Power Boys, Nice Boys, Dream Boys Pattaya, Kawaii, Cupidol Super A, Hotmale.

3 Host bar: Top Man Pub (Hat Yai), Top Man Pub (Hat Yai), Euro boys.

2 Boys from online: Bass Trat on hornet, Tem Suphan on hornet.

1 Disco: Sake.

2 Massage: Zy (former Lomchoey) 500 for 1 hour oil massage + 500 tip for massage and some gropes, The Bridge 550 for 1 hour aroma + 300 tip for massage = 1850.

1 sex cinema: Phahon Theater.

1 no show: Ball Kancha.

1 gay encounter in real life: boy on mocy in Dan Nok.

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