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Repost: Non-offable boys

Repost: Non-offable boys

Fifth anniversary of the “Non-offable boys” post (20may2013). At that time I didn't have my blog (another anniversary coming up!), so I posted my experience on the forums:
(can’t find the post on gaybuttonthai any more)

What I wrote on 14nov2016 here:
still holds true. 

Sitting at Hotmale beer bar with a Farang friend recently and looking what is passing through the soi, I realize that the non-offable boy in 2013 was a turning point for me. Before I thought you can get fair deals, although expensive, but then slowly (only now I fully realize) dawned on me that they are just screwing me, grabbing as much money and providing as little in return as they (bars and boys) can get away with.

Before I though the customer is king, they will accommodate my wishes (always reasonable, if a boy says he doesn't bottom I accept that), but charge me dearly. But then I realized I'm being fooled, and that's a huge insult to me.

That event (boy does not want to go with me) eventually lead to me leaving the Soi Twilight scene (except for 2 or 3 visits per year with Farang friends who come for holiday) and taking all my business to Pattaya, online or even better look for free encounters. 

The greedy waiter at Classic boys fits in as well. That was around 2013-2014. There was (and still is) one who speaks good English and is not stupid. One day we got into chatting, which was interesting. On our several chats, I bought him the one or other beer, but one day I realized, he is not interested in friendship, he is interested in the beer I buy him!

Reading on the forums, many people seem to be content just sitting and chatting (with online translation if necessary) with these boys, I am not.

People like my loyal reader vinapu are as happy as a pig in mud stuffing 100 THB notes into every gogo boy who has not hidden by the count of 3's underwear, and paying short time rates over 2000 THB, but I find it all grossly overpriced, and can't bear the cacophony, smoking, and fake smiles any more.

Now I have the answer for those who find nothing wrong with boys rejecting customers. The job of a prostitute is a bit more intimate than other jobs, but a hairdresser or a doctor cannot reject a customer. Just like a doctor has to swear the Hippocratic Oath, anyone working in a brothel should have to swear the 

Oath of the Prostitute: I shall not decline a customer based on their race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, weight or height. I shall serve all customers with equal enthusiasm. 

(This does not apply to customers who are inebriated, poorly behaved, known for previous misconduct. But these should already be intercepted at the door.)

Going to a brothel and not being able to pick one of their staff defies the purpose of a brothel! Then I can as well go to a sauna or online, where I can’t pick whom I want either, but don't have to pay!

Original text in italic: 

Non-offable boys
As if I hadn’t had enough trouble and deception and disappointment in finding sex (I’m not even talking about love!) in Thailand, now I became a victim of the “non-offable boy” as well.

Saturday 18.05.2013 

After having sat at Hotmale bar (water, 40 Baht) for two hours and observing the passing traffic, I stroll through Soi Twilight and there he is, the boy of my dreams at Scorpion Bar! He even smiles at me and invites me to the bar. I ponder if I should go eat first but it is starting to rain, so I enter. Another boy sits next to me and asks if I would like a massage (neck and shoulder), I agree. After massage, he asks for 100 Baht tip, which I give him. Should he have mentioned that the massage is not for free or should I have asked if the massage is for free? But that’s not my point.

I ask him to call over the cute boy and offer him (the cute boy) a drink. The cute boy does not speak English, so I try in Thai, only to learn that he is Vietnamese. Communication was impossible, I tried in English and Thai, he didn’t understand anything I said and I only understood “mai ruu”, so everything reported furthers is translated by staff (it seems he understands their Thai).

He is 18 years old (but could be underage, I should have had my request to see the passport translated, so I could be sure about age and know how long and how often he has been in Thailand). After fruitless attempts at conversation, I ask to off him. I won’t let language problems between us.

Staff member one says he cannot go off because he is new boy, only drinking and talking (if you speak Vietnamese!).

There is a slight probability that the Vietnamese boy I had in Fresh Boys last year badmouthed me because we had a very unpleasant negotiation of his tip (he wanted 2000 for short time, I finally shoved him out of my hotel room with 1600) and this message spread via other boys to this boy.

I don’t give up, wait until another staff member walks past and ask again. Same answer. Finally, they call the owner. He is Thai, but lives in Paris most of the time (he is fluent in Thai, English and French as far as I can judge and has local knowledge of Paris, so I believe him that he speaks Chinese and Vietnamese as well). The cute boy is family (whatever that means) and cannot go off at all, not now and not later. He has been working there for almost a month (didn’t notice him before, should have asked to see his passport!) and returns to Vietnam every 30 days to get a new visa.

Now I wonder: how does he earn money if he can’t be offed? I even wonder how other Vietnamese boys who can be offed, but have to do a visa run every 30 days, can come out with a positive balance (even if they get 2000 for short time).

I pay for our drinks (orange juice, 100 Baht each), no tip for waiter, no tip for boy. I don’t go to bars to drink or to chat with boys (if I could speak Vietnamese), I go to off!

I should have told the owner that I feel deceived. 

After four years of whoring around in Thailand, I became slightly jaded, so the moments are rare that I see a boy and within milliseconds I know “this one and nobody else for tonight!”. This is the second time it happened this year. 

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Looking for an alternative to Thailand

Looking for an alternative to Thailand

Some might have noticed that ChristianPFC is less active on his blog and on the forums. Here is the reason.

Over the last 5 years I have settled nicely in Thailand (many friends, a lot of traveling in Thailand or visa runs, gay activities), and could continue for many years, but the day will come when the Thai Embassy will not issue me another tourist visa, or immigration refused me entry, or I lose my mind over gay dating bullshit.

Careful readers of my blog might have noticed that I became disenchanted over the years and see more and more negatives. Driving along Ngam Wong Wan Road in Bangkok: the boy who tried to steal my camera lived there; passing through Pak Tho district in Ratchaburi province: the time waster in Ladprao Soi 107 comes from here; and many more; of which Ton SBP was particularly disappointing

Until 2016, I used to extend my stay from 60 days to 90 days at immigration in Chaeng Wattana, now I stay only 60 days and am looking forward to my next trip to Myanmar or Taiwan.

Time for an in-depth analysis of my situation!

Thai people

The Thai are fun-loving, care-free, decision-procrastinating, non-commital, not-considering-results-of-actions people, just the opposite of ChristianPFC! That might be great for a holiday, but not so great to spend the rest of my life here.

Others are less generous on their judgment of Thai society:

“…let alone one from a conformist, chauvinist, anti-intellectual culture like Thailand.”

I’m not happy in Thailand and part of the problem is the people. With all my planning I cannot compensate for their unreliability, with all my intellectual superiority (PhD in chemistry, four foreign languages) I cannot compensate for their shortcomings. And all my commitment cannot compensate for what I see as their deficiencies.

Friends recommended I look for quality boys, but if I stop dating all those idiots, retards, money boys, there is nobody left!

All superficial interactions (bus/train/taxi, restaurant, hotel, hitchhiking, chatting to random strangers on the road) are fine, if you avoid the scams in tourist areas. Thai people you meet only once or deal with for business (restaurant, hotel, taxi) are nice, but when you befriend someone they will soon ask to borrow money, often unreasonable amounts, for unreasonable purposes, at unsuitable moments.


My Asperger Autism is worse than I thought, and creates a problem in interaction with normal folk for getting laid or with Human Resources for getting a job. Multitasking? Does picking my nose while watching TV count? Work in a team? I’m fine with group sex, but everything else I do better and faster alone. Working under pressure? For ChristianPFC it’s not “fight or flight” it’s “freeze”.

For an Asperger Autist, dating is a simple matter: “Shall we have intercourse? Yes/No? If yes, where and when?” But others make it so very complicated!

Other foreigners in Thailand

I’m not the only one who is dissatisfied. A friend who participated many years in the trade got tired of the attitude, bullshit, corruption, scams and now limits his stay in Thailand to a few days each trip, on the way to elsewhere in SEAsia. Another friend also nowadays spends most of his holiday elsewhere. Yet another, would have preferred Indonesia, but a long time stay there is difficult, so he settled in Thailand. Similar reports can be found on which has gone quiet because the author has returned to his home country! And in May 2017 I met a western guy in Taipei who spent many years in Thailand, but then moved on to Taiwan (and is now doing visa runs from Taiwan to Thailand!).

But that’s only one side. Many have settled down nicely in Thailand, be they single or married; in the provinces or the cities, spending all their time in Thailand or splitting it between Thailand and their home country, going native or creating their bubble. Great for them, but unfortunately I haven’t found such a niche. Others might be more tolerant, alcohol probably helps. Or are they simply stuck in Thailand because they don’t have the energy or money to go elsewhere? 

Time for a change

Personally and professionally (my one year of employment in 2013), Thailand has been a dead end, or rather a dead and being stuck in the mud.

I was looking for regular free sex or even to finding a boyfriend, but after exploring all options the only reasonable way to get sex is with moneyboys (online in Bangkok and in the bars in Pattaya).

There is only so much bullshit I can take. That level was exceeded long ago, but I’m a procrastinator. But now it's time to move on!

Albert Einstein said: "Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving."

I’m not a tree, if I don’t like where I am, I can go elsewhere!

Where to go?

Which country will host me? Which country shall I grace with my presence? The choice of countries and their merits are the following:

Lao: almost the same as Thailand (language, culture) but not much to do.
Malaysia and Indonesia: Muslim and homophobic, I don’t even have to check other factors.
Singapore: too expensive and too small.
Cambodia: cuter boys than Thailand, long-time stay easy, but no sightseeing to keep me occupied and language not useful elsewhere.
Vietnam: cute boys (but too pale for my taste), long-time stay difficult, everything else fine (language could be useful for obtaining a job, sightseeing opportunities for years).
Update: friend says visa situation has changed, not it is easier to long-stay in Vietnam than in Cambodia.
Myanmar: cuter boys than Thailand, long-time stay difficult, everything else fine (language could be useful for obtaining a job, sightseeing opportunities for years). Myanmar would be my first choice if they had a long time visa for tourists.
Taiwan: cute boys (but again, too pale for my taste), 90 days visa free entry for Germans (awesome!), language could be useful for obtaining a job, sightseeing opportunities for years.
Philippines: I haven’t been yet.

A friend pointed out that not just Malaysia and Indonesia have homophobic laws, but Myanmar and Singapore as well. But the difference is that in Myanmar and Singapore, these laws are a remnants of British colonial rule and homophobia is not a cultural thing in these countries. Whereas in Malaysia and Indonesia, homophobia comes with Islam and is deeply rooted.

Taiwan comes out on top!

And once there is an easy way to stay in Myanmar longtime as a tourist, that will be another country I will definitely afflict!

At this point, let me thank everyone who paved my way to Taiwan. Without recommendations by fountainhall, confirmed by another friend, I would never have strayed that far away from Thailand for a visa run. And ultimately, above mentioned western guy said he was in my situation before.

The idea of spending more time or even living in Taiwan can be traced back to an Email that I sent stickman and that appeared in his column (in italics below), but it took me a year to get it into my Thailand/Germany/visa runs/season of the year rut.

Having lived in Bangkok for 4 years (I can read and write Thai and travel extensively), and been to Taipei twice for visa run, I have to say that Taipei is better value for money. People are civilized, climate is temperate. If I had known about Taiwan 6 years ago, I would probably have skipped Thailand after a few holidays and settled in Taiwan.

Taipei, Taiwan, is where I am now and taking full advantage of 90 days (awesome!) visa free stay for Germans. As I wouldn’t want to stay longtime without speaking the language, and have nothing else to do anyway (without speaking the language, being somewhere for a longer time is not fun) I’m spending my time studying Chinese language, which turns out to be a full-time occupation, much harder than Thai was.

In my naïveté, I thought I could study Chinese and in parallel continue blogging (and finish some old drafts of time-consuming posts) and reading forums, but that was a misconception. I’m busy studying, with very little time left, which I use for visits to gay venues and hiking.

Whoever is missing my posts can go here for entertainment:

Wish me luck, so I can be the next westerner who switches from spending most of his time in Thailand to using Thailand simply as a stopover and living elsewhere in South East Asia. And, hopefully, finding a country where I shall feel more comfortable with the population.

Details about living in Taiwan compared to Thailand will follow.

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Lesser known fruit (4)

Lesser known fruit (4)

I'm not a biologist, my interest in these fruit is mainly in eating them. Hence all names from wikipedia and/or asking Thai friends for the Thai name. Pictures mostly from internet as I either forgot to take pictures when I saw the fruit or don't know when I took the pictures and won't search for them now. You could argue that the only original content in this post is that I have eaten all of them! 

Eugenia uniflora (pitanga, Suriname cherry, Brazilian cherry, Cayenne cherry, Cerisier Carré, มะยมฝรั่ง)

A Thai friend introduced these to me, and not long afterwards I found two of them in Bangkok (Ladprao 130 and Rama 3 Soi 87 = Soi Amon), and whenever I pass and they are ripe (dark red versus light red when raw), I pick some from the tree or from the ground.

Phyllanthus acidus (Otaheite gooseberry, Malay gooseberry, Tahitian gooseberry, Country gooseberry, Star gooseberry, Starberry, West India gooseberry, Gooseberry tree, มะยม)

Threes are indeed hanging full of these fruit as in the picture. I either bought or picked some of them, hard and bitter, not edible by my standards. Just looking at the picture makes me shudder!

Phyllanthus emblica (emblic, emblic myrobalan, myrobalan, Indian gooseberry, Malacca tree, amla, มะขามป้อม)

I bought these at a market (20 THB for 10 fruits about 30-35mm diameter), and vaguely remember them to be too hard and too bitter for my taste. 

Eriobotrya japonica (loquat, Japanese medlar, Japanese plum, Chinese plum, Japanische Wollmispel, Chinese: 枇杷; pinyin: pípá) 

Loquat is linguistically related to Kumquat, but not botanically. 
I saw these recently (Mar2018) in Taiwan, and after asking a friend about the taste, I bought a pack (100 TWD = 110 THB for the one shown; same mass of bigger fruit more expensive; all I have seen packed as lavishly as the one shown in picture). But it was worth the money, they are delicious, similar to peach.

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Gay activities Feb 2018

Gay activities Feb 2018

Details about dating Thai boys, Chiang Mai gay scene, Pattaya gogo bars, gay discos, Saranrom street trade.

Finally manage to get Sam from Rhk118 again (first encounter on 20dec2017 was very positive; but then communication problems). Around 11:30 he messages me that he is on the way (which might take 1-2 hours depending on mode of transport he uses and traffic), then between 12 and 14 slow communication, then between 14 and 16 my messages not read. I thought I lost him and ponder what else to do, but then 16:30 message: he is at the 7-Eleven near my place!

From there on everything fine, 1000 well deserved, and I would see him again, just consider that he is difficult to reach and hours late.

Sake 00:03-02:15 nothing to write home about. Use the time to have stroll through Khao San road, a truly awful place, about center I am thinking “Which is the shortest way out? Continue or return?”. My curiosity about Khao San is now stilled for years.

Sun4feb to Sat10feb trip in the North.

Ex-BFC3in2017 First is now living in Chiang Mai and invites me to stay with him. Awesome: free sex and free room! Minutes before I arrive, he messages me that he has another guest, a girl from Australia who is couchsurfing, and we all will have to share a double bed.

No threesome.

Adam’s Apple Chiang Mai. When we enter 21:25 no boys on stage, but staff tells us they will come 21:30. And indeed, minutes after we arrive and wait, boys are coming on stage. Order pineapple juice 260 THB. Boys bare feet, individual underwear (mostly white trunks). Music too loud. Big LED screen behind stage blinding.
During our stay 3 Asian and 3 Farang customers. Total 14 boys, of which I would have considered Bee and Poom for offing under different circumstances. Cutest face Mos (?), but body too fat.

Orion moved and larger, 22:30 busy with boys and customers, would have taken the one or other for free. Smoking inside and outside, no way.

On return to Bangkok stay in Nakon Sawan to meet my friend Pae there again (first encounter 7Nov2017 was positive, but not that good that I would rush back). But after all those misfortunes, the fact that that boy is looking forward to see me again for weeks, and there on time or even early (I give a later time to avoid him waiting for me at hotel reception, so I have some time for myself when I arrive and check in), is empowering.

We have an ample dinner (his suggestion: self cooking/BBQ shabu, which he knows to do but I don't, and I wouldn't spend 339 THB per person on a meal if I were alone, but if that's all it needs to make him happy, I will happily go along):

He even forgot to ask for the present. I didn’t bring any, and would have found an excuse had he asked. But during our chats over the weeks, I conceded to bring a present, and had indeed brought chocolate from Germany for such occasions, but didn’t take any from Bangkok as it would have melted over the trip.

What does he see in me that makes him come on time and forget to ask for the present?

Sake nothing to write home about. Along canal about 10 boys.

Meet Tar (original contact on hornet when he was in Bangkok for business, then missed in Hua Hin) at MRT Lumphini and walk back to my room. My type, and good English. Chat in my room, but when I grope him no response, plays on his phone. But afterwards says he wants to meet again.

Meet a boy Chin from hornet on the street and then to my room. Slim body and warm skin, but too hairy and not handsome. Tries to force my half-hard penis without condom up his ass, is soft most of the time. Talks a lot during sex “Christian very good” “Oh my god!” and in Thai. Sorry, no repeat.

When passing Ayutthaya on the way from Bangkok to Phrae, I chatted with a boy Nat on hornet. Now he is back at work in Samut Sakon, and I go to meet him there. I have no exchange plan if something goes wrong, anyway I arrive at night so no sightseeing. Check into hotel before meeting him. But my premonitions prove right, everything turns out to be fine, clearly worth a repeat soon.

He has to work the following morning and can’t stay over night. Anyway, I sleep better alone. Now I have slept in 50 provinces of Thailand! I normally wouldn’t stay overnight that close to Bangkok, but I needed the hotel room for adult stuff.

Thu15feb2018 Bangkok to Pattaya
Around 5 pm, meet Spy from Buriram again. He starts work in beer bar at 4 pm, and off fee is 300 THB. I ponder if I should give him 1000 and say that includes off fee, but he is excellent, so I give him 1500 altogether.

Bar hopping alone: Winner, Eros, Nice Boys, Power Boys, everything as usual except Eros boys now in individual underwear (which I like much better than the boxers they were wearing before). Some bars low in boys after 11pm: Power Boys 5 boys, Dream Boys 8 boys but none I fancy, Kawaii 3 boys, Cupidol 4 boys so I don’t buy a drink in these bars. But Toy Boys is busy! (As seen through the glass door, however on my blacklist.)

Disco hopping with FF, starting in Tamnan 01:27, then Sinlapin, then NAB, then Tamnan again and at the end stay longer in Sinlapin until 04:43. In Sinlapin one bordercase is very interested in me, makes lovebites on my neck. But suddenly, he is gone! I walk around and message him on Line, can’t find him, no reply. Settle for 2nd choice Art, just as proof of principle that it is possible to hook up disco. Outside, he calls motorbike even before I can suggest walking (about 10 minutes to Baan Dok Mai). Then in my room confirmed: a bit too fat for my taste. While he is up for sex, I am tired and we sleep.

Fri16feb2018 Pattaya to Bangkok
Wake up and go for breakfast, Art sound asleep. Even when I leave 11:33, Art is still sleeping, so I tell staff that boy is sleeping in my room, and ask to wait with cleaning until he wakes up and leaves.

On the way back to Bangkok, FF has business in Bo Win, so I have lunch alone in Tesco Lotus. Have a look on hornet, and there is a profile with a shapely body but no face nearby. He replies and will come to meet me in Tesco Lotus foodcourt. Then communication becomes fuzzy, and suddenly he messages me that he was here and is on his way back already. Between “on the way” and “going back” there was one boy who walked around the foodcourt, but didn’t acknowledge me. But not handsome, so drop the case. A blind date? Filed as “no show” in summary.

Farose II 22:57-00:15. Go to a room with a Cambodian, but he is top only so we abort. Then chat with a Burmese boy in the restaurant. Reticent at first, but his friend pushes him on me when we are a floor below. On the way to room, but I just don’t feel like sex now and abort, not without exchanging contact information (update: still chatting, will meet some day). From Farose II directly to Sake.

Sake arrive 00:43, coyote boy show starts 00:48. Nothing to write home about. 2:30 soft closing. We (ChristianPFC and FF) depart 2:42 to

Saranrom (now the little remaining trade has moved to Khlong Lot) and pass between 5 and 10 available boys there and FF finds one to his taste. I would have found one as well, but after some hours of hunting for sex, be it sauna, disco or gogo bar, I lose interest.

Go to meet Nat from hornet in Central Rama II. Speaks good English and space-time coordination ok, but a bit too pale and too fat for my taste, and smokes. Nonetheless, once I have made the trip out there, ask if we can to his room or my room or short time hotel, all negative.

Play on hornet, nobody interesting. Check toilets for activity, and while really taking a piss look over to the one next to me, face not handsome, but I would love to get my hands on that cock! He either doesn’t notice my interest or avoids eye contact, but then while washing my hands our eyes met via the mirror. He disappears into a toilet cubicle, and I first ponder whether to follow, then can’t find which one, and then he comes out and leaves. Follow him to other toilet, and yet another, where he makes a hand movement that I interpret as “not interested (any more?)”.

Check if Male Box sauna is still open. Ask cashier: currently (around 3 pm) 8 customers, should be busy between 5 and 6 pm. Continue to

39 underground sauna 16:21-18:53. Busy. On top floor, 5 oldies fawn over me, praise the size of my dick, the handsomeness of my face, the beauty of my body and give me a massage. Where were they when they were 18? Or rather: would they have been interested in me when they were 18? And where are the 18 year-olds who would be interested in me?

Meet Nat OCD from hornet at Ibis Sathorn, then lunch together. Fluent in English and no character flaws. Afterwards to my room where we continue talking about various subjects, among them my collection of plastic bags. His aunt is a “bag lady” as well, and there is a clever way to fold plastic bags into triangles which he shows me, and we fold my plastic bags into triangles: 

But he didn’t come here to fold plastic bags with me! The advantage of a bedsit (a room so small that you do all activities sitting on the bed) is that you sit on the bed next to each other, and from there it’s only a small step to getting closer and horizontal. Some hugging, groping, kissing, but while there is an intellectual connection and his skin is as brown as it can get in Thailand, he is a bit too fat for my taste, therefore filed as “no sex”.

In the evening, travel to Samut Sakon to meet Nat again, another good encounter. Nat goes home for early start for work tomorrow, I stay over night in hotel. I will have to space it out to once a month, else I will get bored.

Arm from Latkrabang comes to my room after chat on hornet. Interesting chat, fluent in English. Same procedure as with Nat (bedsit, see above). But while I undress to underwear, he stays fully dressed. Now he has an unfair advantage, having seen me in underwear! Will meet again soon.

Fake arrive 23:57, full already. Live music too loud. Coyote boys (up to 14, hunky, at the end partial nudity) 00:35-01:01 and again 01:25-35. Soft closing 02:00 (lights on, music down, people start to smoke in the disco).

Three cute boys: Alid from Phuket approaches, gropes and kisses me (I get slightly hard; he has cold hands but warm neck), but then tells me he is money boy. Another boy Heart is there with his boyfriend (who is Chinese, they meet only twice per year, and Heart has sex with others while his boyfriend is away). The other one Pu I have messaged on gayromeo, by no reply. Now I know confirm that he is not interested. At the end, go home alone, as usually.

One cute, but too fat, boy is smoking outside Moonhouse Restaurant while I have lunch with a FF. Then boy comes in and sits and eats so he can see me, and we make eye contact. Too fat and smoker, so I don’t go any further. But shortly after he has left, staff gives me a paper with his phone number and Line ID. First time this has happened to me. Out of curiosity, I add him on Line. Good English, works in a massage nearby.  But sorry, we won't get into business.

Flight to Taipei.

Summary Feb 2018:
2 Paid sex: Sam Rkh118 1000, Spy Buriram 1200 (+300 off fee) = 2200.
4 Free sex: Pae NS, Chin, Nat Samut Sakon, Nat Samut Sakon.
6 No sex: Tar (NST/HH), First ex-BFC3in2017 in Chiang Mai, Nat in Central Rama II, Nat OCD, Arm Latkrabang, Art in Sinlapin.

5 gogo bars: Adam’s Apple, Winner, Eros, Nice Boys, Power Boys.
2 Sauna: Farose II, 39 underground.
6 Hornet: Tar (NST/HH), Chin, Nat Samut Sakon, Nat in Central Rama II, Nat OCD, Arm Latkrabang.
6 Disco: Sake, Sake, Pattaya Sinlapin -> Tamnan -> NAB -> Tamnan -> Sinlapin filed as one disco visit, Sake, Sake, Fake.
1 No show: hornet Bo Win.
1 Accidental encounter (if you can call meeting a gay in near Malaysia hotel “by chance”): massage boy near Malaysia hotel.

A good February! Some interesting encounters, be it free or paid or no sex. Work on hornet bears fruit! After about 20 visits to discos (count starting last year), I can almost smell my first hook up in the near future!

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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Long stairways in Thailand

Long stairways in Thailand

A list of long stairways in Thailand that I have climbed or found on the internet, sorted in decreasing number of steps.

3790 (climbed 28jun2017 but not counted) Wat Khao Wong Phrachan วัดเขาวงพระจันทร์ Lopburi. The rocks on the mountain top on left side of the picture are the end of the stairs. But it has to be said that many of these 3790 steps are "baby steps" where I can and have to take 2 or 3 at the same time.

Motivational messages every 500 steps and at the top, here: 
"Go! Go! You have done 2000 steps already!" There were closed stalls all along the way; I was there almost alone, but on weekend and holidays it must be bustling with people.

1600-1700 (info from staff 30mar2017) near Wat Phraputthabat Tamo วัดพระพุทธบาทตะเมาะ Chiang Mai / Lamphun 

1549 (counted 14apr2017) Daen Maha Mongkol แดนมหามงคล Kanchanaburi. No pictures allowed. There are flat parts on the way up to the top. For parts that are rock/soil but inclined, I estimated number of steps it would take if it was stairs.

1237 Tiger Temple Wat Tham Suea วัดถ้ำเสือ Krabi. 
I haven't been, but have seen the decorative sign with number of steps at the start of the stairs on internet:


1102 (counted 6sep2017, last numbered step 1059; climbed again 5dec2017) Khao Ok Talu เขาอกทะลุ Phatthalung. Number of steps to the platform at the hole, apart from going up about 250 m vertically, an easy climb. From the platform to the top of the mountain about 50 m more, but only possible with the ropes that are attached to the rock. I wasn't prepared for this when I went first alone, but on second visit with a friend managed.

1049 Wat Phra Bat Phu Pan Kham วัดพระบาทภูพานคำ Khon Kaen.


945 (counted 31mar2017) Khao No-Khao Kaeo เขาหน่อ-เขาแก้ว Nakon Sawan.

706 (counted 14apr2016) Wat Ban Tham วัดบ้านถ้ำ Kanchanaburi.
From ground level into the dragon's mouth and through his body, through a cave and then to the golden pagoda on mountain.

491 Phra That Phu Phek พระธาตุภูเพ็ก Sakon Nakon.

483 (counted 8nov2017) Wat Woranat Banphot (Wat Khao Gop) วัดวรนาถบรรพต (วัดเขากบ) Nakon Sawan.

469 (counted 25aug2016) 
Wat Phraphutthabat Tak Pha วัดพระพุทธบาทตากผ้า and Phrathat Chedi Si Khruba พระธาตุเจดีย์สี่ครูบา Lamphun 

449 Wat Sangkat Rattana Khiri วัดสังกัสรัตนคีรี stairs leading on Khao Sakae Krang เขาสะแกกรัง Uthai Thani

445 (counted 1dec2014, 436 written on pillar) Peacock Temple วัดเวฬุวัน (เขาจีนแล) Wat Weluwan (Wat Khao Jin Le) Lopburi 

396 (climbed 27nov2016, counted 390) Khao Chong Krachok เขาช่องกระจก Prachuap Khiri Khan
details here:

375 (counted 374 on 24jan2018)  
Wat Tham Khao Kriap ถ้ำเขาเกรียบ Lang Suan Chumpon 

344 (climbed several times) Phu Khao Thong ภูเขาทอง 
Golden mountain on grounds of Wat Saket Ratcha Wora Maha Wihan วัดสระเกศราชวรมหาวิหาร Bangkok.

314 (climbed 8jun2013) 
Wat Khao Sukim วัดเขาสุกิม Chanthaburi 

309 (climbed 2011?) Wat Phra That Doi Suthep วัดพระธาตุดอยสุเทพ Chiang Mai

297 (climbed 23nov2014) Khao Kradong เขากระโดง Buriram

212+84 (26dec2014, 4feb2018) Wat Khao Rup Chang Phichit
(212 from parking to mountain top and 84 more to top of the rock.)

245 (counted 8feb2018) 
Wat Phrathat Doi Noi วัดพระธาตุดอยน้อย Chiang Mai

200 (climbed 31jan2017, feb2018)  Phra Maha Mondop Phutthabat พระมหามณฑปพุทธบาท Chonburi 

180 (climbed 8feb2018) Wat Doi Sapphanyu (Wat Nam Bo Tip) วัดดอยสัพพัญญู (วัดน้ำบ่อติ๋บ) Chiang Mai 

Phanom Sawai Forest Park Surin วนอุทยานพนมสวาย 
I have been (Surin 03.-04.09.2015) but didn't count steps, only did count the bells and can confirm there are 1080 bells (318 right side of stairs, 330 left side, 432 around building with monk's ashes).

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